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How Important Witnesses Are to Your Car Accident Case

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How Important Witnesses Are to Your Car Accident Case

In many cases, when a car accident in Delaware happens between two parties, they are the only two who have witnessed what happened. This is why car accidents can become quite complicated very quickly – because, when it is one driver’s word against another, sometimes a case requires further investigation. Because car accidents can become complex matters, it is always good to identify “third party” witnesses who may have seen exactly what happened in your case.

Eyewitness testimony is when somebody gives a description at a trial when they have seen what happened in the event of an accident. It is known to be a reliable source of information in a variety of cases. Even if you didn’t see anybody within the vicinity of your accident, there may still be hope – sometimes homes or businesses are lining the street and somebody may have seen something through a window at the time! You can take the chance to walk into stores and ask employees if they happened to catch the accident, or knock on doors of homes nearby. The more people you talk with, the better your chances of finding someone who saw something.

Showing Credibility

Catastrophic Injuries from Motor Vehicle accidentsThe truth is, not all witnesses will be credible. Many witnesses, in the moment of a car accident, may become momentarily shocked or even worry about their own safety, especially when they are extremely close to the roadways. Events are known to fly by quickly when you are in the midst of an accident, so there is a chance that witnesses haven’t seen everything. This would call for multiple statements to back up everything that occurred, and lay out a complete story of events.

There are actually quite a few factors that can affect the credibility of witnesses. Some of these include the following:

  • The witness’ position in the accident, as being close to the accident could have caused them anxiousness and made them miss details
  • Whether or not they observed the accident from start to finish
  • If the witness was distracted by anything or not
  • If the witness is relying on personal observations and not something they heard from another witness
  • Whether or not the witness has a reputation for dishonesty
  • If the witness is able to see well

Sometimes, ideas concerning witness testimony can become skewed. For instance, two witnesses may claim that they have seen the accident perfectly, but have different stories. Perhaps one witness claims that they saw the car that hit you speeding down the highway. However, another witness may turn around and conclude that they were not speeding.

Ensuring You Make the Most Out of Your Case

There are many ways that you build your side of the story when another driver has hit you. This helps when you are building your case to receive compensation for your injuries. Though a variety of car accident cases are very cut and dry, and fault becomes quite obvious, this is not always the case. You must then rely on others to help make your case so you can get the damages you deserve.

When you are building your case, you want an experienced personal injury attorney on your side to help. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we understand that a car accident can be devastating and complex, which is why we offer a helping hand to you. Call us today at 800-300-0909.








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