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Are There Delaware Disability Benefits for Brain Injuries?

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Are There Delaware Disability Benefits for Brain Injuries?

Are There Delaware Disability Benefits for Brain Injuries?

The effects of a brain injury can be devastating for the person afflicted and that person’s family. Not everyone can fully recover from a brain injury, leaving many people dependent on others for basic needs. Working a job with a brain injury that impairs your ability to think, move, or communicate can be impossible for some people. This is why the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers disability benefits for those affected by disabilities like this. Talk to a Delaware disability attorney to find out how to apply.


The SSA has specific definitions for almost every kind of disability and disabling medical condition that exists. If you are struggling to work a job after suffering a brain injury, then you will want to look for the Delaware traumatic brain injury disability listing in the SSA listings of adult impairments. This will provide you with information on what types of brain injuries count as a disability and what medical evidence you will need to submit.

A traumatic brain injury is defined by the SSA as a condition that causes disorganization of your ability to move at least two of your extremities for three months since the injury or Are There Delaware Disability Benefits for Brain Injuries?problems with physical functioning and one form of mental impairment. They will look for any of the following mental impairments and this impairment must also last at least three months after the injury:

  • Concentration difficulties
  • Problems with understanding or remembering information
  • Unable to adapt to changes
  • Poor self-care
  • Impairments in social interactions

Visit your doctor to have your condition officially diagnosed and make sure detailed notes are taken about the limitations caused by your brain injury. Then obtain a copy of these medical records to submit with your Delaware disability benefits application.


Delaware traumatic brain injuries can lead to all kinds of physical and mental challenges for people affected by this injury. Challenges range from the inability to move certain parts of the body to deficits in thinking clearly or making rational decisions. These are the things you will want to write down and document for your disability claim. If you cannot do this yourself, be sure to have a loved one do this for you or reach out to a lawyer.

Depending on the damages involved with your brain injury, you may also experience difficulties with communicating with others, remembering how to perform certain tasks, chronic headaches, insomnia, severe mood changes, and the inability to perform certain skills like math. Any of the five senses can also be impacted by brain injuries with some people going blind and others losing their hearing. Be sure to list all of this in your disability claim.


You may not have to settle if your initial disability claim was rejected. Try consulting with a Disability lawyer in Delaware about what your legal options to appeal are. Call Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Our legal team of Delaware disability attorneys can be found in Wilmington, Delaware and will help you collect evidence for your claim.

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