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Auto Accident Lawyers Of Delaware

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Delaware's Auto Accident Experts

It’s a melancholic fact that because of driver fatigue, high speeds, and the volume of heavy truck traffic on them, fatal consequences can emerge from accidents on some of Delaware’s major highways. If you need a legal team because you or your loved one were victims of a ghastly accident and you got a severe injury or unjust death, the highly rated auto accident attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson in Delaware can assist. You are our priority, only you.

Insurance Companies and Accidents

Is an insurance company pressuring you to settle? As Delaware’s most successful personal injury law firm, we know that resolving insurance issues is a complicated process. If you are not familiar with the process, you risk missing important deadlines, damaging your case with an innocent comment to an insurance adjuster, or failing to identify a source of compensation for your loss.

Was Your Accident Caused by a Drunk Driver?

Under the judicial injunctions of Delaware, driving any motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal. Intoxicated driving liability is applicable not only to truck crashes and car accidents and but also to accidents involving golf carts, planes, boats, buses, motor homes, construction equipment and ATVs. When making inquiries about the events leading to a truck or car accident, our accident investigators and attorneys stay watchful for evidence of alcohol or drug abuse. If we get to know that you or a family member is the casualty of a drunk driver, it’s our obligation to see you recover maximum damages. For instance, a dram shop claim is a lawsuit leveled against a restaurant, bar or airline that was neglectful when it supplied liquor.

How We Can Help

As your legal counsel, it’s our objective to identify all forms of compensation for your health expenses. You may be eligible to receive compensation from the guaranteed motorists and under guaranteed motorist provisions in your motor policy. You may have additional premises liability claim or product liability if your injury was the result of a construction accident. If a semi-tractor trailer or big-rig truck is involved in your accident, most times these errors can be traced to a lack of experience, driver fatigue, poor training and inspection by the trucking company.

If you’re experiencing long and serious medical treatments and expenses are stacking up while your income decreases, our top-notched Delaware personal injury attorneys can assist. Handling litigating cases involving motor vehicle accidents with more than 30 years of experience, we are ready to handle the most provocative cases across Delaware, not excluding some of the most lethal stretches of highway in the state.

Our job is to handle financial and legal issues for our clients, allowing them to focus on healing.

Preserve Your Legal Rights as Soon as Possible

Engage a conversation with a personal injury lawyer at for free following a motorcycle, truck or car accident; it is mandatory to take quick steps to ensure that you recover all other compensation and insurance benefits you are obliged to. If you would prefer to discuss your claim with an attorney with our firm, contact our Delaware office to arrange a case review and free consultation. There is no obligation when you call us. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, our goal is to handle legal and financial issues for our customers, enabling them to focus on getting cured. An attorney with vast experience will explain your options and legal position

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