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Best Tips for Driving in Fog

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Best Tips for Driving in Fog

Best Tips for Driving in Fog

Driving in fog is frustrating. You can roll your side windows down, but you often have little to no control when fog covers your windshield. Depending on the car you drive, you may struggle to make all the fog clear up. Not only that, but thicker fog can make driving risky for everyone on the road. Thick fog can significantly reduce a driver’s ability to judge distance. If you were in a Delaware car accident involving fog, consider talking to a Delaware car accident lawyer.


When people think of how fog affects driving, most people immediately think about the way fog impairs vision. While it is true that fog decreases a driver’s ability to see where other drivers are, this is not the only challenge. Other fog driving hazards include:

  • Decreased ability to judge distance
  • Less time to correct driving mistakes or avoid collisions
  • Less road traction from humidity
  • Higher risk of perceptual driving errors

You are not the only driver struggling to see. When considering all the other drivers experiencing their own challenges in the fog, the rate of perceptual errors increases. Perceptual driving errors can involve misperceiving:

  • Where other drivers areBest Tips for Driving in Fog
  • How far away or close other drivers are
  • What other drivers are about to do
  • Speed of other drivers
  • Pedestrians crossing

All of these challenges come together to create problems with traffic speed with some cars slowing down and delayed travel time that pressures drivers to take risks. Some drivers who are running late may not care about the risks and will tailgate other drivers. Tailgating, especially in fog, can significantly increase the chances of an accident.


Despite all these obstacles when driving in fog, there are some ways to drive safer in humid conditions. There are several fog driving safety tips you can follow. Turn on your low-beam headlights. This is not just to increase your ability to see in the fog, but to show other drivers where you are.

Do not feel pressured to go the full speed limit when you cannot see. Feel free to slow down when you are uncertain about your surroundings. Rather than tailgating other drivers, try to keep extra distance. Fog decreases the ability to see what is coming up. The driver ahead might see something last minute and have to slam the brakes. Someone tailgating that driver will have a hard time stopping in time. One way to maintain your sense of direction in thick fog is to follow the lines of the road.

If you were in a major car accident, consider contacting a Delaware car accident lawyer to ask about your legal options.


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