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Injured in a Delaware DUI Accident? We Can Help

Accidents happen on our roadways every day, but many of them can be prevented. What happens if a drunk driver enters the roadway and causes an accident, turning your life upside-down? Sadly, this is the case for many drivers every year, who never expect it to happen to them. Accidents by other drivers happen for a variety of reasons, from distracted driving to weather conditions and more. But when you are injured due to the reckless nature of a driver who decided to get drunk and get behind a wheel, you may have questions. We have answers. In 2008, statistics...

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Delaware Construction Work Leading to More and More Injuries

Construction accidents happen across the world for a variety of reasons, some of which we will discuss today. No matter how you have been injured in a construction zone, the injuries you sustain can be life-threatening and put you out of work for quite some time. Delaware is no stranger to construction accidents. In 2013, a Delaware construction worker was killed in an on-site accident. The employee was using an excavator to dig a hole next to a trench filled with water when all of a sudden the ground gave way beneath him when he got out to inspect the...

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A few things about receiving medical treatment following a personal injury

Doctors who treat personal injuries Finding medical treatment for a personal injury isn’t always as simple as one might assume.  To begin, the primary care physician you’ve been seeing for years may, at times, refuse to treat you. This is not a personal grievance.  It has to do with the fact that in circumstances involving an injury caused by an accident, a number of complications arise.  Accidents create complications stemming from the bills involved, additional paperwork and forms, and deadlines that the average general practitioner is both ill-equipped and undetermined to deal with.  Unfortunately, the only malefactor of such a scenario will...

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Preventable Medical Errors, why aren’t they Prevented?

The Institute of Medicine (IOM), an unbiased, not for profit organization released a report on preventable medical errors back in 1999 for public and government consumption.  In the report, the IOM indicated that their findings estimate that somewhere between 44,000 and 98,000 patients die from these errors in our hospitals, and this was back in 1999. According to the IOM, these errors happen in all functional areas of our health care system so if you step back and evaluate what has happened to health care in America since 1999, it would be nearly impossible to tell if this situation has gotten any...

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Why you should file a claim and get representation after a car accident

Car accidents often result in serious and long-lasting consequences for everyone involved.  In extreme cases, a passenger vehicle accident can result in a life-altering injury such as brain or spinal cord injuries.  And even in milder cases, an injured individual can still lose the ability to participate in the activities of daily living. There are approximately 675,000 licensed drivers who use the roadways in Delaware.  While most of those drivers abide by all applicable laws and exercise due diligence while on the road, some use poor judgment, and the resulting negligence can result in inconvenience at best or tragedy at worst...

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Recent talcum-powder cancer rulings

Over 2,000 lawsuits in both state and federal court claim that Johnson & Johnson failed to issue warnings to consumers regarding the risks of cancer from their talc-based products.  The suits allege negligence on the grounds that Johnson& Johnson knew for many years that a host of scientific evidence indicated talc to be a potentially cancer-causing substance.  Studies dated as far back as 1971 show a link between talc products and ovarian cancer. Deane Berg was the first person in the United States to file a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson claiming their products caused her ovarian cancer.  Doctors discovered talc...

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Philadelphia workers not getting enough sleep?

Need a Nap? If you are feeling a little tired on the job you’re not alone as in a recent study, nearly half of workers surveyed indicated they weren’t getting enough sleep at night.  Fatigued workers defined as those only getting around five hours of sleep are nearly as prone to injury as someone driving under the influence of alcohol.  A reasonable sleep for most people is about 8 hours per night and anyone getting less than 7 hours is adding to their risk of accident and injury to themselves and others. A study was done in 2016 by the National Safety...

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The importance of auto insurance

The importance of auto insurance and the three types of minimum coverage required by law If you drive a passenger vehicle, the law requires you to have auto insurance. If you cause an accident, you may be held liable for any financial losses sustained by the other party.  An insurance company will help you cover these expenses.  These losses could go deep into your pocketbook in the event you have to cover not only property damage but medical expenses, lost wages, and noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering.  In the absence of an adequate insurance policy, your assets could be seized...

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Have you used talcum powder and if so are you at risk?

It is hard to imagine that the issue of ovarian cancer in women is being caused by the use of talcum powder.   If you’ve been watching the television or listening to the radio at all these days, you must have heard about it in either an advertisement from a law firm or perhaps in coverage from your local or national news.  The fact of the matter is that use of talcum powder this is a real and big matter.   If you used talcum powder regularly you should be vigilant and see your physician to get tested.   Dr. Daniel W. Cramer...

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Delaware Teen Killed in Dirt Bike Accident at Trail-Way Speedway

A 13-year-old boy was killed in a dirt bike accident at the Trail-Way Speedway in Adams County last weekend. The teen was identified as Mason Scott Farro, of Middletown, by the York County Coroner's Office. Farro died at Hanover Hospital after the accident on Saturday that involved several dirt bikes. According to police, the crash occurred around 6 pm during a practice run for a scheduled race at the speedway. On-site medical crews responded within seconds of the accident and Farro was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after the crash. Farro's death was ruled an accidental death due to blunt force trauma...

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