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Can I Compensate for PTSD After Involvement in a Car Accident?

Tips for Teen Drivers In Delaware

You may have heard of PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder while watching movies or reading books about the devastation of war. PTSD is a behavioral health condition that affects people after they have witnessed a life-threatening event that caused them extreme discomfort. It isn’t just limited to war because people have experienced these horrific symptoms after natural disasters, sexual assaults, and many other things that affected them on a devastating level. But can you receive PTSD from a car accident and, if so, can you be compensated for your damages? This condition is very serious and the cases regarding the...

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Did a Birth Injury Cause Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

Birth Injuries lawyer

A birth injury is an injury or death that results from trauma to the baby or mother either during the pregnancy or during the delivery of a child. These cases occur when medical mistakes, negligence, and malpractice by a healthcare professional take place, and can often be prevented under certain circumstances. If a nurse, physician, or other skilled professional failed to use the reasonable medical skill as any other professional would in the same situation, malpractice might have occurred and you may have a case against a liable party. Cerebral Palsy: A Common Birth Injury According to United Cerebral Palsy in...

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Medical Malpractice Laws and Rules in Delaware

Often times the medical care we all depend on ends up harming us more than helping. In such an event, it is good to know that there are options to help us recover compensation for our injuries. However, in order to file a successful medical malpractice claim, there are some stringent rules that you must be aware of first. Although before we dive into these regulations, let’s quickly define medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is when a person has been harmed or otherwise affected negatively by sub-standard or entirely negligent medical care. This definition carries a fairly blatant meaning, but proving a...

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Your Rights as a Resident of a Delaware Nursing Home

When the time comes to take care of your aging loved ones, everyone wants to know that they are getting the best care possible. This often means a lot of time researching and investigating the most suitable living arrangements. However, it is tragic to realize that statistically, almost one-third of all nursing homes in the U.S. have reported issues with some form of abuse. Nevertheless, it can come as some sort of comfort to know the rights your loved ones have as residents in a nursing home. Basic Rights Like every state, Delaware has its own specifications when it comes to a...

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Qualifications for a Good Personal Injury Case

In the event of a serious injury, you’re most likely going to be overwhelmed by all the surrounding legalities. It is imperative that you remain focused on your health and recovery first. Keeping your attention where it needs to be is crucial, and hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is your next move. Nevertheless, it can be a bit complicated to what qualifies as a personal injury, and when to hire representation. The job of a personal injury attorney is to investigate the nature of the accident right down to every last detail, much in the way insurance companies investigate. Holding...

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Handling the Devastation of a Commercial Trucking Accident in Delaware

In such a fast-paced society, the transportation of goods is vital to maintaining our lifestyles. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why large commercial trucking accidents occur, and they are almost always among the most damaging wrecks. In the event of being involved in a commercial trucking accident, it is important to understand why they happen and who is liable for damages in Delaware. Top Reasons for Commercial Trucking Accidents in Delaware It is sad but necessary to realize that statistically, one out of nine traffic fatalities were the result of an accident with a large commercial truck in Delaware, according to a...

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Your Rights as the Victim of a Drunk Driver

Of all serious motor vehicle accidents, the ones that could have been easily avoided are always the most difficult to cope with. When someone exhibits extraordinary negligence, they must be held accountable for their actions. This is particularly true when it comes to a person who has chosen to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated. There are so many options available to the public that when a drunk driver causes a serious accident, there is absolutely no plausible excuse. Avoid the Problem First, we will quickly focus on the vast number of ways people avoid driving while intoxicated. These methods are extremely...

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When a Motor Vehicle Accident Leads to a Wrongful Death Case

We all know about the most common causes of a wrongful death case in respect to deliberately violent or negligent behavior. Although most people do not normally think about this when it comes to losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident. Perhaps this is because the word accident almost automatically implies a sort of no-fault context, save for the most obvious cases such as an accident caused by an impaired motorist. In any event, some form of negligence is almost always involved in every type of car accident, and one that results in death should be looked at...

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Understanding Your Talcum Powder Lawsuit: Where to Begin

Being diagnosed with cancer is well-known as one of the worst experiences anyone could ever have to go through. At a time like this, you need as much help, support, and guidance you kind find. In most cases, the origin of the cancer is either unknown or self-inflicted as with something like smoking cigarettes or poor diet. However, for more and more woman who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the cause has recently become indisputable. Talcum powder and shower to shower products made by Johnson & Johnson after 1982 seems to be the origin of affliction for thousands of...

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The Physical and Financial Aftermath of an Injury

Accidents are an unfortunate occurrence in our busy, hard-working society, and they can happen almost anywhere at any time. Motor vehicle accidents and workplace mishaps are often the leading causes of personal injury and death in Delaware. There are vast amounts of safety precautions in place to help protect us on the road and on the job, but none of these can guarantee your safety one-hundred percent. Evaluating Your Injury In the event that you find yourself injured in a mishap, whether it’s an automobile accident, workplace injury, slip and fall, or something else that led to your pain and suffering, you...

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