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Can I Speed Up My Disability Claim?

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Can I Speed Up My Disability Claim?

Can I Speed Up My Disability Claim?

Financial stress can hit when your disability starts preventing you from working. This can be scary for many people who have multiple bills and other financial responsibilities. Disability benefits are available in some cases, but the frustrating aspect is how long the process for filing for and receiving benefits can take. Talk to a Wilmington disability lawyer about ways you can speed this process up.


There are two fast-track disability benefits options available through the Social Security Administration (SSA). Quick Disability Determinations screens people who Can I Speed Up My Disability Claim?have the highest chances of receiving disability benefits when they are submitting their initial application. This process involves using a computer model to predict the chances of someone receiving disability benefits.

In other words, this process happens automatically during the initial disability benefits application process. Part of Quick Disability Determinations involves screening for those with the most medical evidence that is available sooner than later. Those with the most severe disabilities and with the most medical evidence will be more likely to receive benefits faster through this option.

The second option is called the Compassionate Allowances program. This program also uses computerized technology to screen people for certain diseases and medical conditions. Only medical conditions and diseases that automatically meet the full definition of a disability are expedited during this process.

What this means is people with certain disabilities could automatically have their initial application accepted. Then the disability claims process can move faster for them. They could receive disability benefits sooner as a result.


There are other ways to speed up disability benefits that can help you receive benefits sooner. Veterans of the United States will have the option for expedited disability benefits if they are considered a wounded warrior. To qualify, they must have suffered their disability while in active service.

If you are in dire financial need, you could be offered disability benefits much faster. The definition of dire financial need is lacking food, medications, or shelter. Proving this to the SSA by phone call or a dire need letter could open up the opportunity for expedited benefits.

You can also contact a Wilmington disability lawyer who can help you explore options for speeding up your disability claim. An experienced lawyer will know what additional steps you can take on your application to speed up the overall process. This can also prevent potential obstacles that could slow down the disability claims process.

If your situation involves filing a disability benefits appeal, you might be able to speed this process up too. Some people reach out to congress representatives or file an on-the-record request with an administrative law judge.


Waiting on disability benefits can be stressful when you need financial assistance now. Do not hesitate to talk with a Delaware disability lawyer about speeding up the disability claim process. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today for guidance. Our team of attorneys can work with you to increase your chances of disability benefits. We are located in Wilmington, DE.

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