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Can I Use Disability Benefits for Back Pain?

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Can I Use Disability Benefits for Back Pain?

Can I Use Disability Benefits for Back Pain?

Crippling back pain can stop you from holding a job and make life incredibly stressful. Not only can your physical activities become affected, but so can your sleep. The good news is that chronic back pain could qualify you for disability benefits. You can use these benefits to help cover your living expenses when your back pain limits your ability to work. Talk to a Wilmington disability lawyer to find out what this requires.


Pain is not the only symptom of chronic back pain. Other symptoms of back pain can make life difficult in a variety of ways:

  • Pain that spreads down the leg and below the kneeCan I Use Disability Benefits for Back Pain?
  • Shoulder discomfort and pain
  • Weakness or tingling in the legs
  • Numbness in the legs
  • Insomnia
  • Sexual problems

Back pain might be chronic if the pain lasts more than three weeks and does not improve with rest. Pain that spreads may also be a sign that this is a chronic back pain condition. Be sure to talk with your doctor if this happens to you.

Severe back pain can have a multitude of causes. Sometimes back pain persists after a major accident involving a violent impact to the spine. Unnatural twisting of the back can also cause this. What can happen is the discs between the spinal vertebrae become ruptured or start bulging.

Repeated strain and age can also lead to back pain. The muscles and ligaments that make up the back can turn into painful muscle spasms. Arthritis can also develop with age along with conditions like osteoporosis. Determining the cause of your back pain is crucial for figuring out the type of disability insurance you could qualify for.

Seek immediate medical help if your back pain comes with bladder or bowel problems. This could indicate a more serious medical condition.


Applying for back pain disability benefits can be tricky in terms of figuring out which disability listing your pain fits. Musculoskeletal disorders are one of many disability listings in the Social Security Administration (SSA) Blue Book that includes pain as one of the eligibility criteria. However, you will need to have evidence of other symptoms to qualify.

You will need medical evidence of things like:

  • Physical limitations caused by your back pain
  • Functional impairments like the need for a cane or inability to use your arm
  • Problems with fine and gross motor movements

The evidence you will need to submit depends on the cause of your back pain. Some people may need to submit evidence of compromised nerve roots while others will need imaging tests to prove a ruptured disc. Consider contacting a Wilmington disability lawyer to see what evidence you will need for your unique claim.


Applying for disability benefits can be frustrating. Feel free to ask a Delaware disability attorney for guidance when you have questions about the disability benefits application process. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Our legal team of disability lawyers can run through the application process and help you strengthen your claim.

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