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Can Multiple Sclerosis Qualify as a Disability?

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Can Multiple Sclerosis Qualify as a Disability?

Can Multiple Sclerosis Qualify as a Disability?

Multiple sclerosis often comes with several unexpected life changes, impairments, and frustrations. When a diagnosis of any terminal illness is made, life can become incredibly stressful. The last thing many people want to worry about on top of this stress is their income. You might be able to replace lost income with disability benefits. Talk to a Wilmington disability attorney to learn more.


One of the hardest diagnoses people face is multiple sclerosis. What happens during multiple sclerosis is the nerves of the central nervous system are slowly destroyed. As this continues happening, various nervous system functions become affected, leading to a variety of mental and physical impairments.

Early signs of multiple sclerosis often start with blurry or double vision that cannot be explained. Many people also begin noticing a slight weakness in their muscles, usually in the legs or hands. Painful muscle spasms may follow until difficulty walking becomes apparent. Strange tingling sensations and numbness are usually felt in the legs and arms.

As this condition worsens, many people notice increased daytime tiredness, difficulty with controlling emotions, and mental deficits. Many of these mental deficits interfere with daily living because they impact important things like:

  • Difficulty with learningCan Multiple Sclerosis Qualify as a Disability?
  • Memory problems
  • Concentration problems
  • Impaired judgment

The loss of many of these mental functions tends to make multi-tasking challenging and almost impossible at times. In later stages of multiple sclerosis, partial paralysis and complete paralysis can start setting in. Chronic pain often starts and may impact the entire body, making movement and thinking difficult.

The tragic reality of multiple sclerosis is that there is no known cure. This condition worsens and leads to an early death. Medications, life changes, and assistive devices are often used to manage the symptoms.


Many of the daily struggles of multiple sclerosis cause people with the condition to lose their jobs. Trying to pay medical bills on top of other bills without a reliable income can make many people fall into a financial crisis. This is when multiple sclerosis disability benefits can help.

Disability benefits programs were set up through the Social Security Administration (SSA) to cover lost income for those who cannot work due to their disability. The SSA requires applicants to meet certain disability criteria for multiple sclerosis like:

  • Persistent problems with motor functions in at least two extremities
  • Visual impairments in acuity, peripheral vision, or visual efficiency
  • Chronic muscle weakness

Some of these symptoms might be proven with medical records, physical tests, and evaluations. Documenting your daily struggles can also help. If you have questions, feel free to contact a Wilmington disability lawyer for guidance.


Going through the tedious disability benefits application process can be frustrating. Consider talking to a Delaware disability lawyer about what your options might be for disability benefits. Start by contacting Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation. Our legal team can help you with the disability benefits application process and figure out your legal options if your disability claim was rejected.

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