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Your Rights as the Victim of a Drunk Driver

Of all serious motor vehicle accidents, the ones that could have been easily avoided are always the most difficult to cope with. When someone exhibits extraordinary negligence, they must be held accountable for their actions. This is particularly true when it comes to a person who has chosen to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated. There are so many options available to the public that when a drunk driver causes a serious accident, there is absolutely no plausible excuse. Avoid the Problem First, we will quickly focus on the vast number of ways people avoid driving while intoxicated. These methods are extremely...

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When a Motor Vehicle Accident Leads to a Wrongful Death Case

We all know about the most common causes of a wrongful death case in respect to deliberately violent or negligent behavior. Although most people do not normally think about this when it comes to losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident. Perhaps this is because the word accident almost automatically implies a sort of no-fault context, save for the most obvious cases such as an accident caused by an impaired motorist. In any event, some form of negligence is almost always involved in every type of car accident, and one that results in death should be looked at...

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Understanding Your Talcum Powder Lawsuit: Where to Begin

Being diagnosed with cancer is well-known as one of the worst experiences anyone could ever have to go through. At a time like this, you need as much help, support, and guidance you kind find. In most cases, the origin of the cancer is either unknown or self-inflicted as with something like smoking cigarettes or poor diet. However, for more and more woman who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the cause has recently become indisputable. Talcum powder and shower to shower products made by Johnson & Johnson after 1982 seems to be the origin of affliction for thousands of...

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The Physical and Financial Aftermath of an Injury

Accidents are an unfortunate occurrence in our busy, hard-working society, and they can happen almost anywhere at any time. Motor vehicle accidents and workplace mishaps are often the leading causes of personal injury and death in Delaware. There are vast amounts of safety precautions in place to help protect us on the road and on the job, but none of these can guarantee your safety one-hundred percent. Evaluating Your Injury In the event that you find yourself injured in a mishap, whether it’s an automobile accident, workplace injury, slip and fall, or something else that led to your pain and suffering, you...

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Common Medical Malpractice Questions and Answers

In the event that you or a loved one needs medical attention, it is always comforting to know that there are numerous talented and experienced professionals to help. And even though the field of medicine is one area that we all hope would be free of mistakes, accidents still happen. Medical professionals are only human after all. Nevertheless, making mistakes or being negligent in any way is much different in the medical profession than most other jobs. Our doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc. must always be held to higher standard for obvious reasons. In the state of Delaware, like any other state,...

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What to do in the Event of Nursing Home Abuse

In the later stages of life, it’s no wonder we all want to give our parents the best care possible. Most children would love to take care of their parents when they need the help, simply because they gave us so much. Nevertheless, life is extremely busy for young adults who generally need to work just to keep their heads above water. Careers, children, and a host of other duties often keep us far too busy, and everyone needs someplace to turn when our elderly loved ones have no place else to go. It is not surprising that our elderly parents...

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Taking the Proper Springtime Precautions

With the warmer weather approaching faster every day, more and more people are guaranteed to be outside enjoying it. This means more pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists in Delaware, which subsequently means more motor vehicle accidents in Delaware. It is always a dreadful occurrence when mistakes lead to accidents on the roads. Because of lack of protection, the aforementioned groups are at especially high risk of suffering some form of serious injury after being involved in an accident. While there is never any guarantee you will keep yourself entirely accident proof, there are several steps you can take to ensure your...

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Is it Possible to Bring a Car Accident Injury Claim Against Multiple Parties?

There are many circumstances where multiple people could be held liable for a car accident. Picture this: It’s a cold winter day and snow just started falling. By the time you make it into the city, ice is all over the street and you know that the conditions are not the best for driving. You continue on and, all of a sudden, somebody runs into the other lane from slipping on ice, causing a chain reaction. You are involved in this chain reaction and sustain serious injuries. However, with over 5 or 6 people in your case, you may not...

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Three frequently asked questions regarding personal injury cases

After sustaining a personal injury and filing a claim, it’s normal to have questions regarding your case.  Here we will examine a few of the most frequently asked questions about personal injury cases. What does it mean to go to a jury trial? According to the Constitution of Delaware, a person who has been injured has a right to seek damages for their injuries in front of a panel jury of twelve of their peers.  During the trial, your lawyer presents an opening statement along with evidence to support your claim. Such evidence can include documents, testimony, videos, and photographs, for example....

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How to Prove That a Nursing Home Acted Negligently

How can you prove that a nursing home acted negligently? Perhaps you entrusted a nursing home with your elderly loved one. Maybe it got to that point in their life where they needed constant, around-the-clock care that you just couldn’t give to them. So, you sat down and researched every single nursing home in the area until you found the right one – or so you thought. It turns out that nursing home abuse is more common than we once thought. We don’t want to think that our loved ones could suffer from abuse by their caretakers, but this doesn’t...

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