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Chicken Truck Accident Shuts Down Southbound Lanes of Route 1

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Chicken Truck Accident Shuts Down Southbound Lanes of Route 1

Police reopened Route 1 in Smyrna following a crash involving two tractor trailers. One of the trucks was hauling live chickens.

The accident happened just before 4 am on Wednesday, October 12 in the southbound lanes close to exit 119.

According to Cpl. Jeffrey Hall, a spokesman for the Delaware State Police, one truck overturned in the collision but neither driver was hurt. The chicken trailer spilled onto the highway, spilling a load of live chickens over a quarter-mile stretch of road.

Take Alternate Route

Motorists were advised to use U.S. 13 as an alternate route. One lane was reopened by 8:30 am and all southbound lanes were reopened after nearly six hours as workers cleared away the debris and chickens.

It’s still unknown exactly how the accident occurred but police are investigating.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first accident involving a chicken tractor-trailer in recent years in Smyrna. In December 2014, a truck transporting live chickens caught fire on Route 1 South near exit 119 after the rear wheels caught fire.

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