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Dangers and Responsibilities of Drivers in Winter Weather Accidents

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Dangers and Responsibilities of Drivers in Winter Weather Accidents

Dangers and Responsibilities of Drivers in Winter Weather Accidents

With Christmas right around the corner, hundreds of thousands of people are still traveling across the United States to visit their loved ones and best friends. Perhaps you are part of this massive cluster, driving through bleak, snowy landscapes to reach your loved ones. You’re not alone in this migration and the Christmas season is the busiest traveling time of the year. Thousands of people make the travel every year, and hundreds of them are involved in multi-vehicle car accidents that can lead to catastrophic injuries.

Dangers of Aggressive Driving

With the strain and stress of the holiday season, your winter weather accident may be caused by an aggressive driver. Unlike speeding, aggressive driving often includes violations like tailgating, failing to give the right of way, improper or sudden turning or merging, running through a red light, speeding along an entry ramp, and swerving across lanes.

Dangers and Responsibilities of Drivers in Winter Weather AccidentsFrom 2015 to 2017, 116 people died in motor vehicle accidents directly caused by aggressive driving, while an additional 10,337 sustained injuries during that same period. In 2017 alone, 37% of fatalities stemmed from aggressive driving.

On June 30, 1999, the State of Delaware established its first “aggressive driving” law, dictating that, if a person is convicted of 3 traffic violations, they will be charged with aggressive driving.

Rate of Traffic Fatalities in Delaware

For the purpose of this conversation, here is a closer look at the statistics for traffic fatalities and their causes from January 1 to December 11, 2018, as listed on the State of Delaware’s Office of Highway Safety:

  • Total fatalities: 104
  • Alcohol/drugs: 51
  • Occupants of vehicles: 63
  • Wearing seat belts: 27
  • Not wearing seatbelts: 33
  • Unknown seat belt use: 3

What Drivers Have to Do After a Car Crash

By Delaware State Law, any driver responsible for inflicting injuries on one or more people in a motor vehicle accident has the responsibility to stop their vehicle and remain at the scene of the crash. As dictated in section 4202, the responsible motorist should park the vehicle as close to the scene of the accident as possible and be ready to provide a name, address, and vehicle registration number to any of the victims. Likewise, if one or more of the victims is severely injured, the driver also has the responsibility to help take them to a hospital.

If the driver fails to remain at the scene of a crash where one or more people are injured, this individual will be charged with an unclassified misdemeanor, be fined $1,000 to $3,000, and face prison time of 1 to 2 years.

If the driver responsible did not remain at the scene of your multi-vehicle accident, you have this option (among others) to consider in a court of law.

Delaware Car Crash Legal Help

Our attorneys at Edelstein, Martin, & Nelson are passionate about our practice and are knowledgeable in the laws, rules, and statutes surrounding an unfortunate multi-vehicle accident caused by negligence or distracted driving in the State of Delaware. We fight for the rights of every victim and the members of victims’ families and will help you receive justice for such tragic and unfortunate circumstances.

If you have been severely injured as a result of a deadly multi-vehicle accident, contact our office at 800-300-0909 to file a malpractice lawsuit today.

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