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Delaware Construction Work Leading to More and More Injuries

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Delaware Construction Work Leading to More and More Injuries

Construction accidents happen across the world for a variety of reasons, some of which we will discuss today. No matter how you have been injured in a construction zone, the injuries you sustain can be life-threatening and put you out of work for quite some time. Delaware is no stranger to construction accidents.

In 2013, a Delaware construction worker was killed in an on-site accident. The employee was using an excavator to dig a hole next to a trench filled with water when all of a sudden the ground gave way beneath him when he got out to inspect the work. The ground was so unstable that it took workers 6 hours to recover his body. In another accident happening on a Delaware highway in 2017, a tragic crash occurred due to construction equipment failure. It was so severe that it caused one fatality and injuries to others. The reason? There was a problem with a crane that was being used to lift a concrete structure over the highway. The plan was to close the roadway overnight and pivot the structure so that it would be over the highway; however, the time for the closure was not met and an accident resulted.

The Real Dangers of Construction

Construction Site Accident LawyerConstruction work is known to be safer today than it was in the 60s and 70s. However, dangers remain, as we hear from statistics across the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows us that 937 construction workers were killed in just 2015 alone, which is the deadliest year in construction since 2008. When you think about it from another view, this means that 18 workers would die every week and never return home to their families. This is why there has been a call for more safety measures in the construction workplace, which is known to be inherently dangerous.

There are many accidents that can take place in the construction workplace, leaving severe injuries and fatalities in their wake. For instance, many workers fall victim to falling from dangerous heights, accidents involving cranes, run-overs by equipment, lifting equipment failure, electric shock, loose debris, welding accidents, and more. Workers are trained to manage the tasks in the construction work zone, but this does not mean that every accident can be prevented. Everybody knows that a workplace injury can leave a damper on your everyday life, making it difficult for you to earn money the same way you did before the accident, and causing turmoil for your family. If you have a long recovery time for your injuries or extensive medical bills, you may need to speak to an attorney immediately to discuss your personal injury case.

As you know, determining liability in these accidents can be extremely difficult, starting with designers of parts and contractors who have given you the work. This is why it is important to start with us to get you the best results possible. Call us at Edelstein Martin & Nelson at 800-300-0909 for a free consultation and to get you the help you deserve after you have been injured. We are waiting to hear from you.





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