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Delaware Motorcycle Accidents: Legal Rights and Claims

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Delaware Motorcycle Accidents: Legal Rights and Claims

Delaware Motorcycle Accidents: Legal Rights and Claims

A motorcycle accident can be daunting to deal with. The aftermath can be disastrous with all the expenses from accident damages and injuries. You could be eligible for compensation to cover these costs but navigating the complex legal process of filing a claim can be confusing. Reach out to a Wilmington accident lawyer to find out what steps to take to increase your chances of compensation.


Many people think of the aftermath of a motorcycle accident as chaotic. When you know what steps to take to secure your legal options after a motorcycle accident, you might be able to gain greater control over the chaos. The most important initial motorcycle accident steps to take are:

  • Call 911 if anyone is injured or there is severe property damageDelaware Motorcycle Accidents: Legal Rights and Claims
  • Seek medical help to check for hidden injuries
  • Move to safety
  • Collect evidence
  • Gather important information

Not calling 911 could lead to liability problems if anyone ends up being injured and suffers worse injuries as a result. Failing to check for hidden injuries could cause barriers to compensation for your injuries from the accident. The longer the delay is between the accident and medical documentation of the injury, the more skeptical insurance companies will be.

Collect as much evidence at the accident scene as possible. Evidence only exists for so long so take action by preserving evidence in pictures, videos, and written documentation. Be sure to obtain the other driver’s basic contact and auto insurance information. Write down details about the accident, including location, time, date, and what happened.

Consider contacting a Wilmington accident lawyer to discuss your legal options given your unique situation. Do not hesitate to ask questions or bring up your legal concerns. A lawyer can guide you through what steps to take to maximize your chances of compensation.


Many car accident claim tips may help you when dealing with a motorcycle accident claim. One of the most important tips is to collect as much evidence as possible. Submit all the pictures, videos, and written documentation you have about the accident. Consult with a lawyer before submitting details that could be used against you.

Obtain copies of the police report, medical records of your injuries, and receipts for costs related to the accident. Consider collecting witness statements and contact information if needed. Talk to a lawyer about what other steps you can take to strengthen your claim.

A lawyer can help when your accident claim is denied. When negotiations between a lawyer and the insurance company fail, a lawyer can help you file a lawsuit. Feel free to ask a lawyer about what this looks like and what this will require.


Recovering from a motorcycle accident can be challenging but you may not have to do this alone. Start by calling Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (302) 504-4815 to speak with a Delaware motorcycle accident attorney for a free consultation today. Our experienced team of lawyers is ready to help you increase your chances of receiving compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. We are located in Wilmington, DE.

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