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Do Not Make These Mistakes After a Car Accident

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Do Not Make These Mistakes After a Car Accident

Do Not Make These Mistakes After a Car Accident

The aftermath of a car accident is often chaotic. Stress and confusion after the accident can sometimes lead to mistakes, and some of these mishaps can result in negative outcomes like financial losses and legal issues. You might be able to prevent this from happening by learning about common car accident mistakes to avoid. Talking to a Wilmington car accident lawyer can also be helpful.


Knowing Delaware car accident laws is vital for protecting yourself from legal trouble after a car accident. Violating some of these laws could lead to expensive fines of up to $3,000 and potential jail time. These laws revolve around what to do after a car accident based on the damages involved in the accident.

If there are significant property damages, injuries, or deaths involved with the car accident, then any drivers involved in the collision must stop. Driving away from the accident scene could result in legal consequences. Duties while staying at the accident scene include:

  • Checking involved people for injuries or deathDo Not Make These Mistakes After a Car Accident
  • Moving your vehicle away from obstructing traffic
  • Obtaining information about the other driver like the name, address, and vehicle registration number
  • Contacting paramedics or making reasonable efforts to help injured people receive medical help
  • Reporting the car accident to the police

There are rare exceptions to some of these rules. Be sure to contact a Wilmington car accident lawyer to learn more about exceptions and your legal duties in these situations. A lawyer will know more about what your legal options are and what steps to take.

The most important steps for you are to make sure you are following these laws in a reasonable manner and protecting your safety. Seeking medical help for yourself is just as important, even if you do not sense any injuries in yourself right away.


Common car accident mistakes to avoid involve both legal and safety issues. Avoid the mistake of not moving your vehicle away from traffic or alerting traffic about a vehicle on the road. Oncoming traffic could potentially result in more car accidents and injuries if there are vehicles in the middle of the road.

Avoid talking too much about the car accident with others. Sometimes this can lead to unintentionally admitting fault through implied guilt or apologies. Your words could be used against you when filing a car accident claim.

Do not make the mistake of leaving without collecting the driver’s information and evidence. Take pictures of injuries and damages. Lastly, do not make the mistake of settling for less compensation from the accident claim than you need. Talk to a lawyer about your legal options to maximize your car accident compensation.


You could be eligible for significant compensation after a car accident with another driver. Feel free to call Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (302) 504-4815 to talk to a Delaware personal injury attorney for a free consultation today. Our legal team might be able to help you increase your chances of compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income. We serve clients in Wilmington, DE.

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