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How Can I Speed Up the Delaware Disability Benefits Process?

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How Can I Speed Up the Delaware Disability Benefits Process?

How Can I Speed Up the Delaware Disability Benefits Process?

Applying for disability benefits is known to be a tedious process, but you may not have the time for this when your disability is dire and your finances are drained. Situations like this leave little time for you to wait weeks on a disability application and longer before you start receiving disability benefits. This is why the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers the compassionate allowance program for people with certain types of disabilities. However, if you are experiencing problems, be sure to talk to a Delaware disability lawyer.


The Delaware compassionate allowances program is managed by the SSA and lets people with certain disabilities automatically be accepted into the disability benefits program. This program is designed for people with severely limiting and quickly deteriorating disabilities like neurodegenerative diseases and malignant cancers. People with these types of disabilities may not have as much time as people with other types of disabilities.

What the compassionate allowances program does is scan through your disability benefits application for disabilities that fall under the list of expedited disabilities and if your disability How Can I Speed Up the Delaware Disability Benefits Process?is on that list, your application is selected for immediate review. This often shortens the total application time from weeks to days. The total list of expedited disabilities for the compassionate allowances program went up to 242 this past year.

Another software used by the SSA is called Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and works the same way by scanning your application for keywords. Any keywords that reveal your disability claim is more likely to be accepted can put in the expeditated review category. This means your application will be reviewed sooner and faster, saving you much needed time.

Do not worry if you are not filing your Delaware disability benefits application online because claims examiners tend to mark applications for fast-track status if they find no issues.


When the compassionate allowance program or QDD is not an option for you, you have another way to speed up the Delaware disability benefits application process. You can check your Delaware disability insurance requirements to make sure you meet all the eligibility checklist items before you even start applying. Knowing whether you could be eligible ahead of time can save you from wasting time on an application but can also help you start collecting relevant documents.

First, make sure you meet the disability definition that states you must have a physical or mental disability that significantly impairs your work skills. You must not be able to do the same work you did before and cannot adapt to new work. The disability will either last a year or lead to death. Your monthly income must be under a specified amount.


You do not have to struggle with the disability benefits application alone. Consider talking with a Disability attorney in Delaware if you have questions about this process. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation. Our Delaware disability lawyers are located in Wilmington, Delaware and can help you collect evidence for your claim.

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