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How Dangerous is Driving at Night in Delaware?

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How Dangerous is Driving at Night in Delaware?

How Dangerous is Driving at Night in Delaware?

Most people already know about the risk of drowsy driving at night, but not everyone knows about the other risks involved with driving in the dark. There is a reason Delaware car accidents are more common at night and that reason can be summed up by a multitude of risk factors associated with driving in low-light conditions. If you suffered injuries and other damages caused by a negligent driver at night, then consider hiring a Delaware Personal Injury Attorney who can help you obtain compensation for your losses.


The main risk factors of Delaware night driving are drowsiness, impaired vision, rush hour, and an increased risk of running into impaired drivers. Drowsy driving can happen to almost anyone who is sleep-deprived or running on fumes after a long and busy day. Fatigue of any kind can lead to dramatic decreases in response time, alertness, and the ability to accurately perceive changes on the road.

Many roads are fairly well lit, but not all highways are, and you might find yourself traveling in mostly darkness despite the use of your headlights. Drivers age 50 and older are at greater How Dangerous is Driving at Night in Delaware?risk for accidents at night because our night vision significantly decreases in quality with age. Driving at night can make it hard to see signs, turns, lanes, and other vehicles.

Rush hour typically happens between 4 and 7 PM during the week, when everyone is ready to return home from work. This makes roads more crowded during these hours with busy intersections and drivers anxious to go home. When you add this to the additional risks of driving in the dark, it is no surprise that car accidents are more common.

Impaired drivers tend to operate mostly at night since many people drink and party in the evening rather than in the morning. Delaware drunk drivers and drugged drivers are common when people are traveling back home after a party.


Now that you are more aware of the most common risks of driving at night, it can be helpful to know about Delaware safe night driving tips you can use to reduce the chances of a car accident. Since vision is often compromised in the dark, drive a little slower and avoid speeding in pitch-black areas. Take more caution when turning in front of oncoming vehicles. Keeping your eyes moving has been shown to decrease eye fatigue at night.

Avoid driving when you are drowsy and be wary about drivers who are swerving. If possible, let swerving drivers pass you if they are behind you or keep a safe distance from them when they are in front of you. Pullover when you find yourself falling asleep.


You may not have to pay for all the car accident damages yourself. Talk to a Delaware Car Accident Lawyer if your accident was caused by a reckless or careless driver. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Our legal team of Delaware car accident attorneys is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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