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How Disability Severity Impacts Eligibility for Benefits

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How Disability Severity Impacts Eligibility for Benefits

How Disability Severity Impacts Eligibility for Benefits

The severity of a disability can play a role in whether someone is deemed eligible for disability benefits. Knowing how the Social Security Administration (SSA) defines disability severity may help you with your application. There are also options for disability benefits if your application is denied. Talk to a Wilmington disability lawyer to learn more.


When it comes to disability severity, this is one of several eligibility criteria used by the SSA to determine who receives benefits. It can be helpful to be aware of the disability benefits eligibility criteria to figure out what information to submit. Knowing how the SSA defines disabilities and severity levels can save you time on your application.

All of this is important because the SSA does not offer disability benefits for conditions that are short-term or mild. Partial disabilities are also not covered by disability benefits. One of the main goals of disability benefits is to replace lost income for those who are unable to work because of a disability. Those who can earn high incomes will not be eligible.

The SSA defines a disability as a physical or mental condition that interferes with work performance and daily activities. A disability must prevent someone from working or from performing substantial gainful activity. Disability severity isHow Disability Severity Impacts Eligibility for Benefits measured by how much the disability impacts work activities and skills like:

  • Lifting
  • Pushing
  • Walking
  • Sitting

Mental skills are also considered like the ability to recall work instructions or follow steps accurately. A disability is deemed severe if the disability significantly interferes with several of these physical and mental skills. If there is no interference, then the SSA may not accept your disability benefits application.


Do not panic if your disability benefits application was denied. There are several disability benefits options available that might change this. For one, you can contact a Wilmington disability lawyer to file an appeal. This appeal could change the outcome of your disability benefits application with the SSA.

You can also look into private disability insurance. There are two main types of disability policies that fall under short-term and long-term policies. Short-term disability insurance offers financial assistance for two years. Whereas long-term disability insurance can cover recipients up until the disability improves or ends.

Disability financial assistance might be offered through certain jobs, schools, and other organizations. Before agreeing to the terms, make sure you understand what you are signing up for. Otherwise, you could be trapped in something that, in hindsight, you do not agree to.

Feel free to ask a disability lawyer for help if you have questions. An experienced lawyer can help you assess all your legal options for disability benefits.


Navigating through the complexities of the disability benefits eligibility criteria can be confusing. Feel free to talk to a Delaware disability attorney if you have questions about your eligibility for disability benefits. Call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation. Our legal team might be able to help you obtain the disability benefits you need.

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