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How Do I Qualify for Long-Term Delaware Disability Benefits?

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How Do I Qualify for Long-Term Delaware Disability Benefits?

How Do I Qualify for Long-Term Delaware Disability Benefits?

Short-term disability benefits might help you when you need financial assistance, but they are not designed as a long-term solution when your disability continuously prevents you from working. Long-term disability benefits were created for people with lifelong disabilities that are expected to prevent them from working for the rest of their lives. Being aware of the requirements for long-term disability benefits is crucial for saving yourself time on the application process. Consider talking with a disability attorney from our team of Delaware disability lawyers for guidance.


People with disabilities that are expected to last for life or lead to early death are those who will benefit more from long-term disability benefits. Unlike short-term How Do I Qualify for Long-Term Delaware Disability Benefits?disability benefits that can end in a short period of time, long-term disability benefits cover your basic living expenses for life, or at least until your disability improves.

In many cases, people with short-term disability benefits switch to long-term disability insurance when their disability fails to improve. Many employers offer long-term disability benefits programs that can cover up to 70% of the money you made at your last job. This can be particularly important for people who depended on their most recent income to afford their current living expenses.

The one downside of long-term disability benefits is how long the process can take before you start actually receiving those benefits. Some people have to wait up to 26 weeks before they start receiving benefits. For those who need financial help right away, you may want to apply for short-term disability benefits first.


Before jumping into applying for long-term disability benefits, you can save yourself some extra time by figuring out what the requirements are. Not meeting even one of these requirements can be enough to prevent you from receiving these benefits. The main disability benefits requirements include:

  • Not being able to work because of your disability
  • Medical evidence of your disability
  • Doctor’s notes on what limitations are caused by your disability
  • Information on any treatments you received and a lack of improvement

Work with your doctor closely to figure out whether your disability will be lifelong and be sure to have your doctor note this in your medical record. This information will be important for supporting your need for long-term rather than short-term disability benefits. Despite evidence of your disability, you will also need to prove how this prevents you from working. This means information related to whether:

  • You are currently able to work
  • Your disability is severe enough
  • You can do other work for pay

Feel free to contact a Delaware disability lawyer for help on the application process.


Figuring out whether you could qualify for long-term disability benefits can help you save a lot of time and money. Consider seeking answers from a Delaware disability lawyer if you are not sure whether you may qualify for long-term disability benefits. All you have to do is call Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Our experienced Delaware disability attorneys serve clients in Wilmington, Delaware, and are prepared to help you defend your disability claim.

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