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How to Recognize and Prevent Nursing Home Financial Abuse

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How to Recognize and Prevent Nursing Home Financial Abuse

How to Recognize and Prevent Nursing Home Financial Abuse

Many people have heard of nursing home abuse, but not everyone is familiar with nursing home financial abuse. This type of abuse can be harder to detect depending on how well the abuse is covered up. Knowing the types of financial abuse that happen may help you more easily detect financial abuse and take action. Consulting with a Wilmington nursing home abuse lawyer can also be helpful when you suspect abuse.


Financial abuse can take multiple forms. Understanding what each involves might help you detect financial abuse sooner. In general, financial abuse involves stealing money or belongings. Some of the most common types of nursing home financial abuse include:

  • Financial exploitationHow to Recognize and Prevent Nursing Home Financial Abuse
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Financial neglect

Financial exploitation happens when a staff member misuses or exploits the belongings or money of a nursing home resident. This tends to look like taking advantage of financial assets without asking permission or through manipulation. Lying, exaggerating, or intimidation are common tactics used to take money from nursing home residents.

Healthcare fraud may also involve manipulation or can happen without the patient ever knowing. Medical professionals commit fraud when they overcharge, bill twice for the same service, or charge for services they did not give. Modern technology makes this easier to detect once fraud is discovered.

Financial neglect can be committed by loved ones who fail to pay bills for the nursing home resident. This means the family member or other person in charge of the nursing home resident’s bills is not following through. As a result, the nursing home resident may suffer late charges, bad credit, and other financial consequences.


Recognizing signs of financial abuse is the first step to preventing further financial abuse. One of the most apparent signs of financial abuse is the resident telling you that someone is taking their money or belongings. Residents may say their debit card or financial papers are missing.

Threats from loved ones or nursing home staff related to finances are red flags. Some nursing home residents will start hiding their financial papers and information as a result. If a check or other financial document is signed when the resident can no longer write, this could be a sign of a forged signature. Unpaid bills, late payments, sudden changes in payment plans, and strange credit card spending can also be signs of financial abuse.

When you suspect financial abuse, the next step is to alert someone you can trust. Consider contacting a Wilmington nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you start taking steps to end financial abuse. Your loved one could be eligible for compensation.


Finding out money was being taken from your loved one by medical professionals can be frustrating. You might be able to take legal action. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 today to talk to a Delaware nursing home abuse attorney for a consultation. Our legal team can help your loved one escape financial abuse and obtain compensation for damages. We are located in Wilmington, DE.

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