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If You Were a Passenger Injured in a Bus Accident in Delaware

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If You Were a Passenger Injured in a Bus Accident in Delaware

If You Were a Passenger Injured in a Bus Accident in Delaware

Needless to say, if you call the sprawling metropolitan jungles of Delaware home, the chances are high that you tend to use public transport systems from time to time. Although many of the general populace drives a car, the fact of the matter is that not everyone wants to fuss with turning the key and navigating the dreadful maze of interstates and stoplights. However, even slow-moving buses can prove to be disasters on wheels once a deadly accident occurs. Before passengers have any time to react to the situation, a bus can spin out of control, and the resulting crash can inflict overwhelmingly severe injuries on the occupants. If you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of a bus driver, here is some important information for you to keep in mind.


If You Were a Passenger Injured in a Bus Accident in DelawareWhen put next to cars and semi-trucks, buses might be considered some of the least-threatening motor vehicles on our streets today, but the schematics of these vehicles do prove otherwise (to an extent). Buses, for the most part, have a notoriously high center of gravity, making rollovers an extreme possibility in most crashes. Also, do not forget that, while riding a bus, passengers are not properly restrained and are forced to carry belongings, an equation for disaster in the event of an accident.


Needless to say, building a case for injuries sustained in a bus crash can be relatively tricky. In some cases, the company that owns the bus involved may be immune from certain legal actions, and some passengers might not have the proper insurance to cover a crash of this nature. If a bus driver is at fault, you may be facing a larger roadblock than you expected.

However, the situation can become more promising on your part if a third party was responsible for the crash. If you make a claim against the responsible motorist, you can receive compensation for injuries and other damages (in the same manner as in regular car accidents).

For more information on cases of this nature, please review the passenger lawsuits page from HG.org and statistics for accidents in Delaware issued by the Delaware State Police.


Buses are excellent forms of transportation across the lovely cities of Delaware, but the fact of the matter is that people can face problems on and off these vehicles. In the blink of an eye, a pedestrian exiting a public transport could be clipped by a distracted, intoxicated, or malicious driver and, as a result, sustain moderate-to-severe injuries. If you have suffered severe injuries after stepping off a bus and getting hit by another vehicle, you should not have to struggle to regain your footing. We can provide the help you need to get your life back on track.

Our team of professional lawyers at Edelstein, Martin & Nelson are passionate about our practice and are fully knowledgeable in the laws, rules, and statutes surrounding unfortunate bus-related pedestrian accidents throughout the State of Delaware. We can guarantee you will receive the justice you deserve. For legal advice and for more information about our services, contact our office today at 800-300-0909.

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