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Injured in a Delaware DUI Accident? We Can Help

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Injured in a Delaware DUI Accident? We Can Help

Accidents happen on our roadways every day, but many of them can be prevented. What happens if a drunk driver enters the roadway and causes an accident, turning your life upside-down? Sadly, this is the case for many drivers every year, who never expect it to happen to them. Accidents by other drivers happen for a variety of reasons, from distracted driving to weather conditions and more. But when you are injured due to the reckless nature of a driver who decided to get drunk and get behind a wheel, you may have questions. We have answers.

In 2008, statistics were compiled on drunk driving in Delaware. In the entire year, there were 40 fatal accidents where drivers got behind the wheel of their car drunk. When a driver is caught driving drunk, they face serious penalties like days or months in prison, fines, and even restitution for victims. However, we still see accidents like these happening every day, and Delaware is included in these statistics.

How Will my Damages be Decided?

When you have been injured, you may wonder how damages are decided. Here are some common factors that will determine how much you will receive in compensation:

  • Degree of Fault: Most courts will see that the driver was driving drunk through their criminal conviction, which will make them liable for your damages.
  • Medical Care: If you have received a disability because of your DUI accident, this could affect how much you will receive in your settlement. The more care needed after an accident, the more you should expect to pay for it.
  • Dram Shop Laws: A bar could be held liable for your injuries, which will certainly play a role in your case.
  • Wrongful Death: If the accident has led to a fatality, which happens often in these cases, the damages will increase greatly for the affected family. If the person was the main wage earner in the family, this will increase the pay-out as well.
  • Work: Did your injury prevent you from returning to work? If so, this will have an impact on your earning capacity and you could gain more compensation as a result.

delaware DUI lawyerNo matter what, there are always factors that will affect how much you get in your personal injury case. Usually, the police report is a huge determining factor in how much you will receive. If there are DUI or DWI charges relating to the event, then citations will tell all and you will most likely receive more in damages. No matter what, if you have been injured due to someone’s recklessness in a DUI case, you could not only obtain compensatory damages to pay for your medical bills and more but also punitive damages to help punish the other party for their reckless behavior. Personal injury lawsuits are the first step in having somebody take responsibility for their actions and protecting you, the victim, in a whole new way.

If you have been injured due to the recklessness of a drunk driver, we can help. We handle a variety of car accident cases, including those that involve a drunk driver, and can help in your time of need. Call us today at Edelstein Martin & Nelson at 800-300-0909.






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