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Is Delaware Aggressive Driving and Reckless Driving the Same?

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Is Delaware Aggressive Driving and Reckless Driving the Same?

Is Delaware Aggressive Driving and Reckless Driving the Same?

Whether your Delaware car accident was caused by an aggressive or reckless driver, you might have the option to seek compensation for the damages you suffered. Knowing the differences between aggressive and reckless driving can help you build a strong car accident claim to obtain compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. However, before you can obtain compensation, you will need to find a way to prove negligence. Talk to a Delaware car accident lawyer to learn more.


Delaware aggressive driving might share some similarities with reckless driving since aggressive driving can often lead to reckless driving decisions. However, not all aggressive driving involves reckless actions. Sometimes aggressive driving just leads to angry stares and not using a turn signal.

While aggressive and reckless driving may have some differences, they often involve a lot of similarities in terms of driving behaviors. For example, aggressive driving can often lead to Is Delaware Aggressive Driving and Reckless Driving the Same?speeding, tailgating, and cutting off other drivers, but all of these driving behaviors could also be considered reckless driving. If a driver is caught committing any of these acts by a police officer, that driver could face Delaware reckless driving charges.

What aggressive drivers often experience is anger mixed with frustration or impatience and these can have multiple causes. Some drivers become aggressive after being slighted by another driver, being cut off, when they are running late, or during times of stress. This can lead to driving behaviors like changing lanes in rapid ways with no turn signals, running lights, and refusing to yield to oncoming traffic. You can see why it can be difficult to fully separate aggressive driving behaviors from reckless driving behaviors.


Delaware reckless driving involves actions that put other drivers at risk. Almost everything from speeding to passing stopped school buses can count as reckless driving. Spotting reckless driving can be vital for your car accident claim because you could use this to prove fault for the accident on the other driver.

Carelessly breaking traffic laws is the broadest way to define reckless driving, but reckless driving can also involve Delaware distracted driving and drugged driving. Common examples include texting while driving and drunk driving. Reckless driving can also come in the form of carelessness like racing other drivers, speeding from police, passing double-line lanes, and speeding past a stopped school bus.

If you have witnessed any of these types of driving behaviors leading up to your car accident, then you might be able to sue the other driver for negligence. Proving negligence can be difficult, but not impossible with the help of an experienced lawyer.


No one should have to pay for the damages caused by a reckless driver. Try reaching out to an accident attorney in Delaware if you have any questions about how to prove negligence in this situation. All you have to do is call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation. You can find our Delaware car accident lawyers located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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