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Is Drowsy Driving Actually Dangerous?

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Is Drowsy Driving Actually Dangerous?

Is Drowsy Driving Actually Dangerous?

You have probably already heard about how drowsy driving has led to hundreds of car accidents across the United States and that this problem needs to be stopped. While it is true that drowsy driving is risky and increases the chances of a car accident, this can depend on how drowsy you are and how long you will be driving. There are certain signs of risky drowsy driving to look out for that indicate the need to find an alternative to driving. In the event that you find yourself in a car accident involving drowsy driving, do not hesitate to contact a Delaware personal injury attorney for help. 


Sleep deprivation is the primary cause of drowsy driving accidents due to the numerous effects this state of mind has on driving abilities. When we do not receive at least seven hours of continuous sleep each night, our body tends to build up various hormones that make us drowsy during the day until we achieve a full night’s rest. This drowsiness and lack of proper sleep has abundant effects on the mind and body.

A lack of sleep can decrease vigilance, the ability to be aware of your immediate and changing surroundings. Reaction time is also significantly reduced to the point that you may not perceive or respond to rapid changes on the road within a safe timeframe. All it takes is one unexpected road condition to cause an accident when reaction time is low.  

When it comes to physical behaviors, coordination and the ability to accurately steer your wheel or hit the brakes can be hindered by improper sleep. Decision making skills and information processing are both rendered inconsistent with a lack of sleep. These two skills are vital for making quick and accurate decisions on the road.  


Now that you know how drowsy driving causes car accidents in Delaware, you might be wondering what causes drowsy driving, so you can avoid this.  Causes of drowsy driving can be summed up with Is Drowsy Driving Actually Dangerous?a lack of sufficient sleep. This can happen with shift work, late work at nights that throws off circadian rhythms, and is common in commercial truck drivers who drive long hours.

Many people have sleep disorders without even realizing it. Sleep apnea can easily cause daytime fatigue and narcolepsy can make people fall asleep uncontrollably at random times during the day. Certain medications like allergy pills or cough syrup can induce strong drowsiness that can make operating a vehicle extremely risky. 

People who may not be ready to drive are those who find their eyes closing at unpredictable times, limbs feeling heavy, and car drifting into the wrong lane. 


Recovering from a severe car accident is not always easy when you have serious injuries and expensive bills. If your accident was caused by another driver, you may be compensated for medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Try talking with a Delaware accident lawyer to see what steps you need to take for an accident claim. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 today for a free consultation. Our car accident lawyers are located in Wilmington, DE. 

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