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Main Types of Truck Accident Injuries

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Main Types of Truck Accident Injuries

Main Types of Truck Accident Injuries

The massive size of semi-trucks can cause severe injuries when collisions with other cars on the road happen. These injuries are not limited to other drivers on the road but are also common with semi-truck drivers themselves. Severe injuries are difficult to manage, they can be disabling, and they usually lead to lost wages. This can put an undue financial hardship on the people affected. If you are a truck driver who suffered significant personal injuries from an accident caused by another driver, be sure to seek guidance from a Delaware personal injury lawyer


The most severe and common truck driver injuries involve the legs, arms, and head. Bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, and traumatic head injuries (TBIs) are some examples. The least common injuries involve damage to the thorax, rib fractures, and punctured lungs. 

Soft tissue injuries, like sprains and strains, impact the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body. These most commonly occur in the legs and arms during truck accidents. Sprains and strains Main Types of Truck Accident Injuriesusually heal quicker, but working a job that requires physical exertion is not usually possible until the damage is fully healed. Serious bone fractures take longer to heal, often months. Both of these injuries can lead to lost wages over time. Irreparable damage to the limbs may warrant surgical amputation, which can hurt a person’s ability to work for life.

TBIs and concussions can lead to temporary or permanent changes to the brain, depending on the severity. Moderate to severe TBIs can cause memory, concentration, sensation, cognitive, and movement problems. Personality and self-control may also be affected, which can make jobs that require social skills difficult. A person may have to change jobs or seek disability benefits if their TBI condition does not improve. 


Some of the most common causes of truck accidents involve drowsy driving and distracted driving. The severity of truck accident injuries relies on whether the truck driver was using a seatbelt. Using a seatbelt can also mean a matter between life and death. Around 40% of truck driver deaths resulted from not wearing a seatbelt in 2012. 

Many truck drivers do not obtain enough sleep each night because of the long hours they work and drive to various locations. Despite enforcing certain limits on how long truck drivers can drive on the job, some truck drivers go over this limit and only receive a few hours of sleep each night. 

Distracted driving is another factor in accidents. This can involve texting, eating, or arguing with someone else in the truck or over the phone. It only takes about 5 seconds of a distraction to lead to a serious accident. 


Recovering from financial, emotional, and physical damages after a serious truck accident can be overwhelming for most people. Talking with a Delaware truck accident lawyer can help you figure out your legal options. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. We are located in Wilmington, Delaware and will work with you to collect the evidence you need to defend your case. 

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