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Most Common Prescribing Errors to Watch Out For

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Most Common Prescribing Errors to Watch Out For

Most Common Prescribing Errors to Watch Out For

Prescribing errors happen when a medical professional makes a mistake during the process of providing medication to a patient. The results range from mild side effects to death from an overdose. All it takes is one minor prescribing error to result in harm to a patient. Consider talking to a Wilmington medical malpractice lawyer if you suffered harm from a medication.


There are several types of prescribing errors that can be committed by doctors, nurses, or pharmacists. The process of prescribing medications involves multiple steps and factors that can go wrong at any point. One minor error can lead to large effects for a patient.

Being aware of the types of prescribing errors might help you identify the prescribing error that caused harm to you. The most common types of prescribing errors are:

  • Dosage errorMost Common Prescribing Errors to Watch Out For
  • Frequency error
  • Substitution error
  • Duplication error
  • Act of omission
  • Act of commission

Dosage errors happen when the wrong dose of medication is prescribed to the patient. This can also take the form of a frequency error, when the wrong number of times per day to take the medicine is provided. Errors like these can easily lead to adverse side effects, harm, or death from overdose.

A substitution error occurs when one medication is wrongfully substituted for another medication. This could lead to not treating the medical condition or harm to the patient. Duplication errors happen when two medications from the same category of medications are prescribed, which may cause worse side effects.

An act of omission is when a medical professional fails to prescribe the medication that is needed. Whereas an act of commission happens when a medical professional adds an unneeded medication to the prescription. This may result in a patient not being treated, adverse side effects, allergic reactions, or dangerous drug interactions.


Being aware of common causes of prescribing errors can be helpful for filing a lawsuit. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit requires proving the type of medication error and any negligent actions that were involved. These causes of medication errors may help you recognize and prove negligence:

  • Too busy
  • Tired from work overload
  • Lack of training or competence
  • Incorrect calculation for dosage
  • Illegible prescriptions

Medical professionals that are rushed, tired, and busy are more likely to make minor mistakes when filling a prescription. All it takes is one wrong letter, decimal place, or number to result in a medication error. Illegible written prescriptions can easily lead to miscommunication about the type or dosage of medication.

Try contacting a Wilmington medical malpractice lawyer if you have questions about how to sue. A lawyer can help you build your claim.


If you suffered harm from a medication prescribing error, then you might be eligible for compensation. Do not hesitate to contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 today to talk to a Delaware medical malpractice attorney for a consultation about legal steps you can take. Our legal team can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income.

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