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Most Common Injuries Faced by Motorcyclists

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Most Common Injuries Faced by Motorcyclists

Most Common Injuries Faced by Motorcyclists

Since motorcycles do not come with exterior frames, windows, or seatbelts, the types of personal injuries faced by motorcyclists are often severe. Injuries can become fatal with car accidents, especially while traveling at high speeds. Many of these injuries can come with expensive reoccurring medical bills and lost wages depending on their severity. Severe head trauma, for example, may not only involve a visit to the emergency room but continued visits to a rehabilitation center.

At this point, you may be concerned about paying for all of this. The good news is that you may not have to if your accident was caused by someone else. A Delaware motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you obtain compensation for these damages. 


Motorcycle injuries vary based on age and helmet use. Those who do not wear helmets are vulnerable to head injuries and brain damage. For example, motorcyclists under the age of 40 who did not wear a helmet experienced more severe head injuries than lower extremity injuries Most Common Injuries Faced by Motorcyclistsand chest injuries. Whereas, young motorcyclists who wore a helmet experienced more severe lower extremity injuries than head injuries. 

Older riders tend to endure more severe lower extremity injuries than head or chest injuries. Lower extremity injuries involve bone fractures in the pelvis, legs, and feet. Chest injuries mean rib fractures, lung punctures, and other bone fractures in the chest region.  

Other common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents include spinal cord injuries, face or neck injuries, and soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries involve stretched or torn muscles, ligaments, or tendons. This type of injury can greatly reduce a person’s ability to move until the damage is healed. Spinal cord injuries can cause partial or full paralysis below the site of the injury. 


One of the first steps to take after a motorcycle accident is to make sure you are not severely injured and if so, call 911. Then check if anyone else is injured and call 911 regardless of whether the injuries appear minor or severe. Not calling for paramedics in this situation could potentially be used against you in court. Some injuries are not obvious right away and can come back later with expensive medical bills.

Do not leave until you have the other driver’s contact and insurance information. Otherwise, you may not be able to file a personal injury claim. If possible, take pictures of your injuries and the accident scene for evidence. Obtain a copy of the police report and your medical records to back up your story. 


Organizing all the information and evidence you need for your accident claim can be tedious and stressful if you are also recovering from injuries. Even with all this work, your claim may still be denied by the insurance company. If this happened to you, talk to a Delaware accident attorney to see what you can do to strengthen your claim. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney today. We are located in Wilmington, Delaware. 

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