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Personal Injury Lawyers of Delaware

We Specialize In Personal Injury Law.
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We Specialize In Personal Injury Law

personal injury lawyer of Wilmington Delaware Edelstein Martin & Nelson is a firm regarded as the most successful law office in Delaware. We concentrate in personal injury cases because we are recognized as a leader in this field. Our firm has been rated by other attorneys as prevalent, the most astounding possible rating given in the legal community. In order to get appropriate treatment and care of your family following a personal injury claim, you need a quality legal representation. Edelstein Martin & Nelson investigates every hidden fact behind a claim.

If you’re in search for a reputable, ethical and responsible law firm with a triumphant reputation to represent you, do not wait too long; contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson now. Your legal rights are at stake. You can call us at (800) 300-0909 or email our office. We offer free consultation!

Personal Injury Cases

It is imperative to take quick actions in a personal injury legal case. Immediately our lawyers acknowledge a case, we find a way to preserve evidence, get witness proclamations, evaluate the extent of our client’s losses, and finally handle all communications with the insurance companies. Our duty is to carry out a proper investigation of the accident, seek compensation from the negligent party and insurance companies. We are prepared to go to trial if it is to your greatest advantage.

Spinal Cord Injury

A lawyer’s role in case of a calamitous accident is to describe the loss in financial terms. Spinal cord injuries may include paraplegia, quadriplegia or another degree of paralysis. The financial compensation received will determine your ability to receive health care, live with dignity and benefit from future medical advances.

Attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson have access to expert resources needed to recover full and fair compensation for victims who suffered from spinal cord injuries. Our firm supports clients in these difficult cases by hiring life-care, top medical and economic experts because we understand that it is virtually impossible to evaluate the potential for recovery right after a severe accident. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you get legal advice before signing any settlement offer or before discussing the claim with an insurance company delegate.

Traumatic Brain Injury

It’s very important to know that a closed head injury or simple concussion may not appear to be serious immediately after a serious accident. The victim may feel dizzy, disoriented or have blacked out for the first few seconds only for the full extent of the brain damage begin to manifest few weeks or months later. Such damage could manifest in form of memory loss, personality change or inability to calculate.

We help victims suffering from a coma or permanent amnesia, or any trauma that leaves the victim dependent on simple daily care to help receive compensation. Our lawyers share their vast experience in this field with economic and health care specialists to calculate the loss suffered by the victim and the family. Our attorneys work with experts and combine their expertise to identify a TBI – Traumatic Brain Damage and testify as to its impact on our client’s life.

Premises Liability

A slip and fall accident can be hazardous and cause damage to the back, spinal cord, hip or back. Such accidents fall under premises liability. They can lead to financial difficulties and require extensive medical attention. However, you may have a claim against the manager of the property if your fall was because of hazardous conditions.

Premises liability law covers shopping malls, apartment complexes, construction sites and private property.

An injured person might have a claim at case like:

  • Broken walkways or uneven parking lots and walkways
  • Poorly maintained stairs or falling debris
  • Slippery grocery walkways
  • Inadequate lighting in staircases and hallways


Scarring is what follows after a burn injury; it causes distortion and can serve as a lifelong indication of the pain and trauma endured by the victim while healing. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we have personal injury lawyers that are committed to helping victims recover maximum compensation for such annihilating injuries.

The demands of medical treatments, household bills and uncertainty about future happenings, hence it is very important to first get legal advice if a member of your family suffered an electrical or chemical burn. Our lawyers work with medical, economical and psychological experts to demand compensation for our client’s pain, suffering, PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and ongoing psychological treatment resulting from deforming scarring. Our record of verdicts and settlements authenticates the quality of our legal services.

Wrongful Death

The loss of any human life in a fatal accident is tragic. But it is more distressing for a family to accept the fact that their loved one’s death resulted from another’s carelessness. It is very important to discuss the case with an experienced attorney in handling claims for wrongful death before signing any settlement agreement with an insurance company. Various factors ought to be considered while computing your losses and you might be eligible for more than one claim.

It is very important to discuss the case with an experienced attorney in handling claims for wrongful death before signing any settlement agreement with an insurance company.

Edelstein Martin & Nelson has experienced lawyers that provide wrongful death accident survivors with powerful advocacy and compassionate counsel while aggressively pursuing legal claims or negotiating with insurance companies following fatal auto or truck accidents. We have specific expertise in exploring serious truck accidents. We use this medium to extend our sincere sympathy if you have lost a family member or relative. As attorneys, we can’t undo what has happened, however, we can hold those responsible accountable for your misfortune and help you pursue the compensation you need to start your life all over again.

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