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How to Prevent Insurance Companies from Denying Your Long-Term Disability Benefits

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How to Prevent Insurance Companies from Denying Your Long-Term Disability Benefits

Prevent Insurance Companies from Denying Your Long-Term Disability Benefits

The last thing you want to deal with after going through the tedious application process is a denied disability claim. Not knowing the exact reason why can make this harder. An experienced Delaware disability lawyer might be able to help. With the right guidance, you can resubmit your claim with the right evidence. If your claim is still denied, talk to a Wilmington disability attorney about how to file an appeal.


There are two main types of disability insurance you can apply for with an insurance company. These consist of short-term disability insurance and long-term disability insurance. Short-term disability insurance usually only pays benefits for two years.

Whereas, long-term disability insurance benefits pay much longer. Some people are covered by long-term disability insurance until retirement. For most people, this Prevent Insurance Companies from Denying Your Long-Term Disability Benefitsmeans by the age of 65, when retirement benefits take over. You might be able to continue your disability benefits if your retirement benefits have not started yet.

You can look for long-term disability insurance through your employer or a private disability insurance company. Be wary of both because either can take advantage and wrongfully deny, reduce, or delay your disability benefits. When going through your employer, look into ERISA laws to make sure you are not being cheated.

Try contacting a Wilmington disability lawyer if you think you might have been cheated in some way. A lawyer can also help you if you suspect this with a private disability insurance company. What a lawyer can do is read the fine print of the contracts and policies of your disability benefits. Legal action can be taken when the insurance agent broke one of the contract rules.


Part of decreasing your chances of being denied disability benefits is making sure you meet all the requirements. This can be tricky when applying through a private disability insurance company. Each private insurance company has its own rules and requirements. Many of them may overlap. Some of the most common requirements are:

  • You have been diagnosed with a partial disability
  • Your disability can be physical or mental
  • Your disability prevents you from working or performing tasks the way you used to
  • Consistent medical evidence and documents support your disability claim

You might be asked to take a health exam as part of the requirements. Refusing this could cause your disability claim to be denied. Cooperation is just as important as submitting all the required medical evidence, documents, and evidence. Do not hesitate to ask the insurer questions about anything you need to submit. Feel free to consult with a lawyer when you have questions.


You do not have to give up if your disability claim was rejected. Feel free to talk with a Delaware disability lawyer about ways you can increase your chances of having your disability claim accepted. You can call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation. Our experienced team of attorneys can help you collect evidence for your disability claim.

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