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Signs of Your Loved One is Suffering Nursing Home Neglect

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Signs of Your Loved One is Suffering Nursing Home Neglect

Signs of Your Loved One is Suffering Nursing Home Neglect

Learning that your loved one has been severely neglected can be disheartening. Some people feel like they have no control over the situation. You may not have to let the abuse continue if you recognize signs of neglect. Then you can take steps toward filing a lawsuit to end the abuse. All you have to do is talk to a Wilmington nursing home abuse attorney about what steps this requires.


Federal laws define nursing home neglect as the failure to provide services needed to prevent harm to an elderly person. This includes either physical or mental harm. Signs of Your Loved One is Suffering Nursing Home NeglectMany people find it difficult to pinpoint mental harm since this often falls into a gray area.

Figuring out whether you have a case of neglect means being aware of what counts legally as neglect. Since the elderly are deemed adults, some forms of neglect may not be investigated if the person is doing the neglect to themselves. This is where legal challenges arise in terms of taking action. However, this may become complicated for elderly people who are unable to care for themselves.

Some of the most common examples of neglect that may involve legal action include:

  • Not providing medical care when needed
  • Failing to keep residents fed and hydrated
  • Ignoring residents in need of help
  • Failing to help with proper hygiene

Some nursing home centers have even been caught turning off the help call light. This can lead to situations where a resident in immediate need of medical care is not heard. There have been known cases in the past where nursing home residents were found deceased due to a lack of care and monitoring.

In other words, the main things to consider with neglect are whether nursing home staff are responsible for neglect and whether the resident is being harmed.


Recognizing the nursing home neglect signs is just as important as knowing what legally counts as neglect. Common signs of neglect in the elderly population are:

  • A sudden drop in hygiene
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Dramatic declines in physical health or appearance
  • Repeated bedsores

Neglectful nursing home staff may present themselves as irritable when you ask questions. Defensiveness may occur when you bring up concerns about neglect. You do not have to put up with this alone. Consider contacting a Wilmington nursing home abuse lawyer who can investigate the situation.

The long-term effects of nursing home abuse and neglect are not worth ignoring for too long. So many nursing home residents lose their lives and mental states from abuse and neglect. If you see signs of neglect or abuse, you might be able to take action to end the abuse by suing.


A variety of negative emotions can arise when dealing with nursing home neglect. Do not hesitate to ask a Delaware personal injury attorney about what your legal options are. Feel free to contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Our experienced legal team might be able to help you take legal action to end the abuse and neglect.

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