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Slip and Fall Injuries from Wet Leaves

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Slip and Fall Injuries from Wet Leaves

Slip and Fall Injuries from Wet Leaves

During the changing seasons and weather, wet fall leaves become more common. They fall on the ground, in the yard, on sidewalks, and on city staircases. Since these leaves can be like ice during wet weather, many people can unexpectedly slip and fall on them. Falls on the ground are one thing, but falling on hard concrete or asphalt can lead to serious personal injuries. Some people experience broken bones and others suffer from the long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries.  

If this happened to you on someone else’s property, you may be eligible for compensation. To find out what steps you need to take to file a lawsuit against the property owner, talk to a Delaware slip and fall accident lawyer


Recovering from injuries after an unexpected slip and fall injury can be expensive and physically draining. Despite how mild slip and falls sound, these accidents can lead to serious injuries depending on how the person falls and what surface the person falls on. Age is also a major determining factor for how severe the injuries are. 

Some common slip and fall injuries include bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and Slip and Fall Injuries from Wet Leavessoft tissue injuries or lacerations. Certain bone fractures can take weeks to heal from, which can put some people out of a job for weeks or months. TBIs can cause cognitive problems that can impair work performance and daily activities. Some doctors will even instruct patients with certain TBIs to not drive for a month.

Soft tissue injuries range from mild pain to complete tendon, muscle, or ligament tears that require prolonged rest. Severe tears may require surgery, which can cost thousands of dollars without good health insurance. Skin lacerations often require stitches, an emergency room bill, and involve the risk of infection. 


Filing a lawsuit after a slip and fall accident involves keeping a few things in mind. Remember that the Delaware statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is two years. Once two years pass after the incident, you can no longer file a lawsuit. You will also need to collect evidence and prove liability.

When it comes to proving liability for a slip and fall, you will be operating under comparative negligence laws. These involve a percentage of fault systems in which you are partially at fault and the property owner is partially at fault. Depending on the percentage of fault you are assigned by the jury, you may or may not be eligible for compensation. A lawyer can help you obtain the percentage of fault that you need to earn compensation. 


Proving liability for a slip and fall accident can be difficult to do on your own, especially if the property owner is fighting against you. Try talking to a Delaware personal injury lawyer if you suffered serious slip and fall injuries. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to receive compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Call Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 today for a free consultation. We are located in Wilmington, Delaware. 

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