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Some Facts to Consider for an Accident Involving a Delivery Truck

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Some Facts to Consider for an Accident Involving a Delivery Truck

Some Facts to Consider for an Accident Involving a Delivery Truck

Regardless of what state you are visiting, you are bound to run into a few traffic problems here and there. (What else is to be expected as you navigate a jungle of asphalt, steel, and roadway signs as part of your daily drive or during a vacation?) For delivery truck drivers, this situation can become even trickier as these men and women are forced to make instant stops in the middle of bustling roadways to deliver packages large and small. Needless to say, accidents are always likely along busy roads, and the impact can be borderline catastrophic. Still, have you ever considered who is to blame during these accidents? Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information about this tricky situation along the roadways of Delaware.


Each year, the United States Department of Transportation provides an assessment of trends related to bus and large truck accidents across our country. Overall, these documents offer a layout of fatalities, accidents, injuries, and other subsequent problems. Here is a closer look at data from 2017:

  • 4,889 trucks and buses were involved in accidents resulting in fatalities (a 9% rise from statistics gathered in 2016).
  • From 2016 to 2017 (on average), the number of fatal crashes involving large trucks rose by minimal (but nonetheless noteworthy) 8%.

For more information regarding highway safety, please review the Delaware Office of Highway Safety’s 2017 Annual Report.


Some Facts to Consider for an Accident Involving a Delivery TruckSo, who is to blame for an accident involving a delivery truck? As with any situation of this manner, the blame can only be put on the person who was breaking the rules of the road. Remember that delivery truck operators are required to make routine stops and must (at times) occupy part of a lane used for oncoming traffic.

Consider this example, as provided in Delaware Statute Title 21 Section 4120 (b, 1-2). By law, drivers are permitted to pass a stalled vehicle or a road block to avoid a hazardous situation, but only if these people are driving in an area where both lanes of traffic are travelling in the same direction. If a delivery truck operator is forced to make a routine stop and the driver of a car plows into this truck, the motorist would be at fault (in this situation).


Delivery truck operators make delivering packages and ensuring roadway safety their top priorities, but, as we have seen through decades of incidences, no one can guarantee complete safety along the roadways. Even though they take great precautions while delivering a manner of items, these delivery truck drivers can still become tangled in some tricky situations that endanger the lives of all people involved. If you have been involved in a severe traffic accident, though, you must not panic (as hard as this may be), as you can easily uncover the right resources with the help of a professional personal injury attorney.

Here at Edelstein, Martin, & Nelson, our team of professional attorneys are passionate about our practice and are fully knowledgeable in the laws, rules, and statutes surrounding unfortunate slip and fall accidents throughout the State of Delaware. We can guarantee you will receive the justice you deserve. For legal advice and for more information about our services, contact our office today at 800-300-0909.

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