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Steps for Filing a Car Accident Police Report in Delaware

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Steps for Filing a Car Accident Police Report in Delaware

Steps for Filing a Car Accident Police Report in Delaware

One of the most important documents to include in your Delaware car accident claim is a copy of the police report. Not only will a police report serve as evidence of the accident but will also provide vital corroboration for your story. Taking the proper steps for filing a police report is important for protecting your rights and defending yourself against any accusations that could be thrown your way by the other driver. If you suffered injuries from a negligent driver, consider hiring a Delaware accident attorney for guidance.


The initial car accident steps you take can be vital for whether you are held liable for the accident damages or not. Other factors can play a role as well but following these basic steps can decrease your chances of being held responsible for the car accident. First, make sure you are safe from harm, otherwise, you will be unable to help yourself and others in the accident. This could mean stopping your own bleeding or moving away from the path of Steps for Filing a Car Accident Police Report in Delawaretraffic.

To avoid being held liable for another person’s life, make sure others are away from harm too. Carefully move others away from oncoming traffic if their injuries will not become worsened with movement. If you cannot move them, try to alert oncoming traffic ahead of time to avoid additional collisions.

If the other driver or passengers are conscious, do not admit fault and do not apologize, no matter how bad you feel for what happened. Saying the wrong thing might be used against you in court if the other driver or a passenger decides to file a Delaware personal injury lawsuit against you. Be cautious about giving medical attention and call 911 as soon as you can.


Filing a Delaware police report is a simple process that comes with multiple benefits for your accident claim. The first thing you should do is call 911 to talk to the police about the situation. Be prepared to give details on the severity of the wreckage and any injuries people suffered. In cases where no injuries occurred and the property damages were minor, the police may not show up at the scene.

If this happens, you will need to drive to the police department to file a report or you may be able to do this online. Whereas, if the police do end up showing up, you can ask for a copy of the police report at the scene of the accident. Police reports offer multiple benefits:

·      Speeds up the claims process.

·      May give you faster compensation.

·      Police reports are used when claims go to court.


Insurance companies may not always offer you fair compensation. Talk to a Car accident attorney in Delaware if you were denied the compensation you need. Call Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Depending on the damages, you may be eligible to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Our legal team of Delaware car accident lawyers is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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