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A few things about receiving medical treatment following a personal injury

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A few things about receiving medical treatment following a personal injury

Doctors who treat personal injuries

Finding medical treatment for a personal injury isn’t always as simple as one might assume.  To begin, the primary care physician you’ve been seeing for years may, at times, refuse to treat you.

Personal Injury Lawyer DEThis is not a personal grievance.  It has to do with the fact that in circumstances involving an injury caused by an accident, a number of complications arise.  Accidents create complications stemming from the bills involved, additional paperwork and forms, and deadlines that the average general practitioner is both ill-equipped and undetermined to deal with.  Unfortunately, the only malefactor of such a scenario will be yourself.  

However, you won’t have to go through this alone.

While your family doctor may be unwilling to unable to treat you, plenty of experienced doctors out there will.  And we will help you find them.

During our twenty-seven years practicing personal injury law in Delaware and Pennsylvania, we’ve encountered numerous physicians who have the knowledge and experience necessary to both treat common injuries associated with accidents and handle the complexities of medical billing.  Some may even be willing to let you forgo your full medical bills until your case gets resolved.

The kind of doctors you work with will depend on what types of injuries you’ve suffered.  For example:

  • If your injuries have resulted in damage to your muscles, spine, joints, or other parts of the musculoskeletal system, you may see an orthopedic surgeon or doctor.
  • If you have sustained nerve or brain damage, you may see a neurologist.
  • For chronic pain conditions, you may be treated by a chiropractor and work with pain management specialists.
  • To regain physical strength and movement of your body, you may work with occupational, physical, and other kinds of therapists.

It can be overwhelming to face the possibility of having to see so many doctors and deal with continuing treatment.  But know that as soon as you put your claim in the hands of competent personal injury lawyers in Delaware, you can stop worrying about your case.  You will then be able to focus on your recovery and not think about any troubling legal concerns.  

Medical bills stemming from personal injury

Medical treatment entails a lot of medical bills.  The way medical bills work following an accident gets complicated.

  • Injuries resulting from a car accident.  In this case, your own car insurance company owes any medical expenses, with some exceptions.  If you made specific selections when you took out your policy, you might have to use your health insurance for to pay medical bills.  To learn how to make good decisions when choosing a policy, see this document provided by the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Delaware.
  • Injuries stemming from a dog bite, slip and fall, or another type of accident.  Most often, these cases will require you to rely on your health insurance to cover any bills.  The network of your insurer may limit which doctors you are able to see. When you do get money for your claim, the insurer might force you to pay them back.





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