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Tips for Teen Drivers In Delaware

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Tips for Teen Drivers In Delaware

Tips for Teen Drivers In Delaware

Teenagers are inexperienced behind the wheel and as such are not always prepared for driving safely. Here are some safety tips for teenage drivers.

Always Buckle Up

It’s the law. Seat belts are required for drivers and all passengers in both the back and the front of the vehicle. A driver can be pulled over if a police officer sees anybody who is not buckled up. Seat belt use in Delaware is at 92 percent, yet still far too many people continue to die as a result of being unrestrained in a motor vehicle accident.

TIP: Always use your seat belt and make sure your passengers do too.

Check Your Speed

One of the biggest problems with teenage drivers is driving at high speeds. Not only do teenage drivers often drive faster than the safe speed that is posted but they also often don’t allow for a safe distance between their car and the vehicle that is in front of them.

TIP: Drive the speed limit and allow for a cushion for the vehicles that are in front of you.

Know Your Vehicle

It’s easy to become knowledgable about how the car you are behind the wheel of drives. Things like turn signals, understanding where warning flashers are and being able to adjust seats for comfort and safety are important. As well, moving the rearview mirror and understanding the radio controls and the AC can help lessen the chances of distracted driving.

Even if you don’t have an owner’s manual, nearly all cars today offer online information about important instructions on how the vehicle operates. Always take a few minutes to become intimately familiar with your car.

TIP:  Learn your car.

Be Aware Of Blind Spots

Many accidents with teenagers take place simply because the driver is new and inexperienced. One accident that takes place often is the blind spot collision. While there are newer vehicles equipped with warning signals for vehicles on the side, most older cars do not offer this safety feature. That is why checking your mirrors before making a lane change is vital. Additionally, take your time to make a lane change so you can check over your shoulder more than once as well as signal your intention to move over. This will help to ensure that no one is in the lane you’re trying to move into as well as giving other drivers a chance to realize that you are moving to the other lane.

TIP: Check and double-check.

Drive Pleasantly

One of the most important safety tips out there is simply to drive with courtesy. You can allow another vehicle to go first. You can follow the golden rule. Doing this can prevent crashes as well as increasing your pleasure for driving. Road rage and aggressive driving are not worth it. Just let it go.

TIP: Drive friendly.

Always Use Your Turn Signals

By using your turn signals you are allowing other drivers to understand where you are planning on going. If you are planning on turning, then always turn on the turn indicators. The drivers will then know where you’re heading. Additionally, if traffic is stopping right ahead, hit your brakes to show vehicles that are behind you. The more information other drivers have, the safer your ride is. As well, always look out for other drivers who don’t signal when they turn.

TIP: Don’t forget to use your turn signals.

Always Leave Room For Stopping

The space of one car length for every 10 mph of speed is the rule of thumb when driving. Try the best you can do, and never tailgate. Rear-end car accidents can take place in mere seconds. Provide a safety cushion in front of you and if the person behind you is tailgating you, safely get over to let them pass.

TIP: Allow a cushion between cars.

Concentrate On The Road Ahead

Distracted driving is more and more of a problem, especially with teenage drivers. Put down your cell phone. That text can wait. Taking your eyes off the road is dangerous in any case.

TIP: Pay attention to the road.

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