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Top Dangers of Rollover Car Accidents

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Top Dangers of Rollover Car Accidents

Top Dangers of Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover car accidents are abrupt, violent, and often dangerous. These might represent some of the most dangerous car accidents next to accidents involving 18-wheelers. Survivors often experience severe injuries that can take months to heal from with some injury symptoms lasting lifelong. If you suffered major injuries from a Delaware car accident, do not hesitate to ask a Wilmington car accident attorney for help.


There are various things that can go wrong during a rollover car accident. Most causes of rollover accidents involve unlevel roads, speeding on curves, and drivers overcompensating the steering wheel. Turning the steering wheel too sharply is one of the most well-known causes of these accidents.

Not much can be done during a rollover accident other than bracing yourself. Many of these accidents happen so quickly, no one has time to avoid the various hazards that happen during a rollover. Let the airbags and seatbelts do their job and be careful about moving too much until the accident is over. One wrong move might cause severe injuries.

When the car has settled, become familiar with your new surroundings. See if there are any hazards around you that could cut or harm you. Look for jagged metal, broken glass, exposed wires, oncoming traffic, and smoke from a potential fire. Check yourself for injuries that could worsen with movement then look for the safest way to exit your car.

If you cannot escape your car, call 911 or shout for help. While waiting for help, look for safe ways to escape your vehicle. Explain your situation and how you are trapped to emergency services or anyone else involved.


Rollover car accidents tend to cause some of the most severe and life-threatening injuries. Bone fractures, soft-tissue injuries like sprains or strains, and lacerations are common. In rollover crashes, these injuries to the bones, muscles, and skin tend to be more severe. Surgeries, stitches, and long-term care might be needed.

Spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries are also common. The violent unexpected forces of a rollover accident can easily damage the spine and skull. People in rollover accidents are often thrown against the hard internal surfaces of the car.

Spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and tissue injuries can be detected with pain and observable damage. Not all injuries are as obvious. You may know you suffered a brain injury if you have the following symptoms:Top Dangers of Rollover Car Accidents

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Chronic headaches
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness or dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blurry vision
  • Slurred speech

Try contacting a Wilmington car accident lawyer if your injuries were caused by a negligent driver. A lawyer can help you obtain significant compensation by showing the other driver caused the accident.


You may not have to settle for less when the insurance company offers you little to no compensation. You can talk to a Delaware car accident lawyer to explore what your legal options are. Call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation. Our team of lawyers can help you collect the evidence you need for significant compensation.

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