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Types of Impaired Driving that Cause Car Accidents

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Types of Impaired Driving that Cause Car Accidents

There are several types of impaired driving that can lead to car accidents. Understanding the common causes and signs of impaired driving might help you avoid car accidents in the future. If you were in an accident that involved impaired driving, knowing what to do is important. Feel free to ask a Wilmington car accident attorney about your legal options.


Drunk driving is clearly one of the most well-known forms of impaired driving. However, other types of impaired driving include drugged driving, drowsy driving, and medical emergencies.

Not everyone realizes how extensive drugged driving has become. In fact, around 11,654 people lost their lives in 2020 from drunk driving accidents alone. Any kind of mind-altering substance can result in impairments that fall under drugged driving:

  • MarijuanaTypes of Impaired Driving that Cause Car Accidents
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines

Sleep deprivation can lead to drowsy driving, which can produce similar effects to drunk driving. Slowed reaction time and falling asleep behind the wheel are common examples. Drowsy driving also can result in weaving into the opposite lane.

Sudden medical emergencies that can cause car accidents include heart attacks, strokes, and seizures. Depending on the circumstances, you might be able to defend yourself from liability if this happened to you. Try contacting a Wilmington car accident lawyer to find out.


There are ways to manage impaired driving that can help reduce your chances of a car accident. To avoid impaired driving yourself, remember the golden rules:

  • Avoid driving when sleep deprived
  • Assign a designated driver when consuming alcohol
  • Avoid drugged driving
  • Check medication labels for warnings about when not to drive

You can also protect yourself from impaired driving accidents by knowing the signs of an impaired driver. Common signs of drunk driving include changes in speed, lane drifting, swerving, stopping for no reason, and turning in odd ways. Some of these signs may also come from drowsy driving.

Many of these signs may look more intense for drivers who are experiencing a sudden medical emergency. A driver who is having a heart attack may suddenly jerk the steering wheel due to panic. This may look like a car suddenly veering off the road, into another lane, or into an object.

When you notice any of these signs, you can stay safer by keeping your distance. Slow your speed or pull off to the side of the road if this gains you more distance. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a serious car accident. Trying to pass the driver could be risky since it can be hard to predict what the driver will do. You have the option of calling 911 but do so safely by pulling off to the side of the road.


There are options if you were hit by an impaired driver. Do not hesitate to call Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (302) 295-5050 to speak with a Delaware accident lawyer for a consultation today. Our team of attorneys might be able to help you obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. We can be found in Wilmington, DE.

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