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Uncertain Rights Under Delaware Uniform ERISA Standards

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Uncertain Rights Under Delaware Uniform ERISA Standards

Uncertain Rights Under Delaware Uniform ERISA Standards

When you want to know your employee rights under ERISA laws, this can be more difficult than you think. ERISA laws lack uniformity in certain areas which has led to some uncertainties when it comes to certain rights and conflicts under ERISA law. Some employees are left unsure as to whether they have the right to certain health, disability, and other employer benefits under current ERISA standards. If you have any questions yourself, feel free to talk with a Delaware ERISA lawyer for help. 


There are some certainties under Delaware ERISA uniform standards that can help guide you in the right direction in terms of figuring out whether your rights to certain benefits have been upheld by your employer. These uniform minimum standards are backed by the Internal Revenues Service and Employee Benefits Security Administration to Uncertain Rights Under Delaware Uniform ERISA Standardsensure the ERISA laws are being followed. All of this is designed to make sure all employees receive fair benefits.

Employee rights include being:

  • Recover worker benefits that are due under a specified plan
  • Be informed about their benefit plans
  • Receive official documentation of their health care plan
  • Be given time-effective claim processing

Employers or anyone who violates certain ERISA standards could be taken to court with a civil action. This is regulated and enforced by the Department of Labor and may come with legal punishments like fines and lawsuit settlements. Employers who manage employee plans cannot engage in conflicts of interest, withhold documents, fail to provide minimal benefits, or deviate from established plans.


With all of the complexities of ERISA laws, there are some areas that leave room for ERISA law uncertainties when it comes to your rights as an employee. To be specific, these uncertainties revolve around state authority over certain aspects of ERISA law and your rights as an employee.

These uncertainties include appeals programs, employer pay-or-play health care plans, health coverage tax credits, non-traditional insurer regulation, self-insured health plan administrator regulation, managed care regulation, and stop-loss insurance regulation. There is also uncertainty as to whether public health care access programs should accept employee coverage plans. The reason these uncertainties vary by each state is that the ERISA preemption provisions depend on the language of the law in each state.

Talking with an experienced lawyer who knows the language of the law in Delaware and understands Delaware ERISA laws might be your best bet at navigating through these various uncertainties, especially if these uncertainties are hindering your rights. A lawyer will be able to see legal loopholes and figure out what your realistic legal options are.   


ERISA law is a complex and multifaceted set of regulations and rights that can be difficult to decipher on your own. This can leave you frustrated when you feel like you have been denied the health or disability coverage you need by your employer. Consider seeking help from an ERISA attorney in Delaware if you find yourself up against a legal battle. Call Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Our legal team of Delaware ERISA lawyers is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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