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Ways Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Claims

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Ways Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Claims

Ways Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Claims

When it comes to compensating people after car accidents, many auto insurance companies are hesitant. Each time they compensate someone for accident damages, they lose money as a company. This is why many insurance company supervisors encourage employees like claims adjusters to avoid offering fair compensation. Insurance companies like these will use various tactics to pay you less compensation or avoid paying you altogether. Be sure to talk to an experienced Delaware car accident lawyer if you are experiencing problems with an insurance company. 


What many people do not realize is that insurance companies will go as far as to hire private investigators to make sure your claim is true. The goal is to find holes and lies in your car accident claim that can be used against you. This lets the insurance company justify not paying you for the damages you suffered.

A common example happens when investigators are told to look at your social media accounts. Any kind of picture after the accident that suggests your injuries were not as severe as when they were described in your claim, could be used against you. To increase your chances of having your claim accepted, avoid posting too much on social media until the compensation goes through.

However, if you have already found yourself in this situation, you can defend your claim. Talk to a lawyer about what you can do to provide evidence of your injuries and their severity. 


Being aware of the various bad faith tactics used by insurance companies to avoid paying your claim can help you know when you are being cheated out of fair compensation. The first two red flags of Ways Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Claimsbad faith are when an insurance company denies your claim for no reason or significantly delays your claim. Be wary when this happens and question the claims adjuster about this.

If the claims adjuster ignores your attempts at communication, this is another sign of bad faith. This can either mean they are too busy for your claim right now or they are intentionally trying to avoid your claim. Some claims can indeed take time, but ask questions when your claim is delayed for an unreasonable length of time. 

Also, be wary of insurance companies that fail to negotiate with you or a lawyer about your claim. This can be a sign of an attempt to discourage you from seeking the compensation you deserve. A lawyer can help you calculate the damages you suffered so you can know how much you should receive in compensation


Figuring out what to do after an insurance company wrongfully denies or delays your claim can be overwhelming. Insurance companies will use all kinds of methods to avoid paying your claim at your own expense. Try talking with a Delaware accident attorney if you have struggled to have your car accident claim accepted by the insurance company. Feel free to contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation. 

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