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What Special Senses Are Covered by Delaware Disability Benefits?

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What Special Senses Are Covered by Delaware Disability Benefits?

What Special Senses Are Covered by Delaware Disability Benefits?

Whether you are struggling with hearing problems or vision problems, you might be able to qualify for Delaware disability benefits if your symptoms prevent you from working. To do this, you will need to undergo medical tests and submit evidence to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Even after taking all those steps, your disability application might still be rejected. Do not hesitate to seek help from a Delaware Disability Lawyer if this happened to you.


The SSA lists all of their physical and mental disabilities in the Blue Book, which consists of adult disability listings and child disability listings. One of the listings under adult What Special Senses Are Covered by Delaware Disability Benefits?disabilities is special senses and speech. Special sense disabilities include deficits in hearing, speech, and vision.

For each of these deficits, the SSA will try to look for ways your disability could be improved to allow you to work. Your goal is to prove that treatments have not and will not succeed in allowing you to work. With speech disorders, for example, there are voice articulation devices that may let you speak clearly enough to let you continue working. Only people who do not benefit from these devices are considered for disability benefits.

Mild hearing, speech, or vision loss might not be enough for you to qualify. This is why the SSA is precise when it comes to measuring your special senses disability with hearing and vision tests. Blindness is one example of a vision problem that will automatically qualify you for disability benefits. However, blindness or poor vision in one eye alone is not enough because the SSA will judge your visual disability by your best eye, not your worst eye.


Qualifying for special senses disabilities requires submitting enough disability evidence of your hearing, vision, or speech loss. This means listening to your SSA case manager about what medical tests need to be done and having them taken care of in a timely manner because the application process itself can take a few months depending on the complexity of your case.

For visual disabilities, you will need disability medical evidence of the cause of your vision loss and measurement of your best-corrected central visual acuity. Hearing disabilities require an otologic exam with audiometric testing, a description of your ear, severity, and the cause of your hearing loss. If you are applying for a speech disorder, your speech must not be understandable or sustained. Talking with a speech therapist may help you figure out what evidence you need to prove your speech loss.


Many people struggle with putting together a disability claim for speech, vision, or hearing problems. Try working with a Disability Attorney in Delaware who can help you figure out what evidence you need if you find yourself struggling. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation. Our legal team of Delaware disability lawyers is located in Wilmington, Delaware and can help you collect enough evidence to defend your disability claim.

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