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When is Hearing Loss Covered by Disability Benefits?

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When is Hearing Loss Covered by Disability Benefits?

When is Hearing Loss Covered by Disability Benefits?

Many people with hearing loss find new challenges in maintaining a steady income. You may not have to settle for less income than you need. Depending on the level of hearing loss you are dealing with, you might be eligible for disability benefits. These disability benefits can be used to replace lost income. Talk to a Wilmington disability attorney to find out how to apply for disability benefits.


Hearing loss can come at unexpected times and results in various life changes. Not only can hearing loss impact daily functioning, but hearing loss can also start impacting work. When this happens, you could be eligible for disability benefits to replace lost income.

Learning about how hearing loss impairments impact work performance may help you decide whether disability benefits could be an option. Communication barriers seem to be the most common type of impairment caused by hearing loss at work. Many jobs require some form of communication, whether this communication is between workers or customers.

Even in jobs that require less communication, background noise can cause significant distress to those with hearing loss. The same issue comes up for those who use hearing aids. Multiple obstacles can arise for those with hearing loss when it comes to using:

  • PhonesWhen is Hearing Loss Covered by Disability Benefits?
  • Videoconferencing
  • Group meetings
  • Understanding and comprehending instructions

Cochlear implants and hearing aids can help reduce these communication barriers in some cases. However, those who have struggled with deafness for years may still struggle with speech recognition. Communication barriers may then still pose as a barrier while at work.

In some cases, work accommodations can be made that can compensate for hearing loss. Feel free to ask your employer about these options to see what is available. Try contacting a Wilmington disability lawyer when you are thinking about applying for disability benefits.


You might be wondering what it takes to qualify for disability benefits for hearing loss. There are hearing loss disability benefits listed in the Social Security Administration (SSA) Blue Book of disability listings. However, your condition must meet certain criteria.

Hearing tests must show either a bone conduction hearing threshold of 60 decibels or greater or a word recognition score that is 40 percent or less. When hearing loss is being managed by a cochlear implant, the word recognition score must be 60 percent or less more than a year after implantation. You must be struggling with hearing loss for at least 12 months.

There must be medical evidence of your hearing loss. Evidence must also suggest that hearing loss interferes with your ability to work or earn a basic income.


Finding out your disability benefits application was denied can be frustrating. Do not hesitate to ask a Delaware disability lawyer for help if your disability benefits were denied. All you have to do is call Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (302) 504-4815 for a free consultation today to discuss your legal options. Our team of attorneys is prepared to help you obtain the benefits you need. We can be found in Wilmington, DE.

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