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When Should I Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer?

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When Should I Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer?

When Should I Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer?

Deciding whether you should hire a long-term disability insurance lawyer during the application process or after your ERISA or non-ERISA disability benefits have been denied can be difficult. For one, hiring a disability lawyer could increase your chances of receiving the benefits you need, but at the same time, lawyers are not free. In this situation, sometimes your only option is to weigh the costs and benefits. If the costs of not hiring a Delaware disability benefits lawyer are higher than the benefits, then your decision becomes a little easier. 


One reason that can prompt people to consider hiring a disability attorney is the enormous complexity of the disability benefits application process. The application itself is known for being tedious, lengthy, and complicated. Certain disabilities can make filling out the application and collecting all the evidence needed an arduous task. Sometimes all it takes is a simple mistake to lead to a rejection letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

When Should I Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer?Having an experienced disability attorney by your side to go over the application with you and answer any questions you have will not only speed up this process for you but can also increase your chances of being accepted into the program. A lawyer will know common reasons disability benefits applications are denied and can use the knowledge to help you avoid this. 

Even if your application was denied, it is not too late. A lawyer can help you file for reconsideration of your disability benefits application and if this fails, an appeal. The appeals process can also be complicated depending on several factors. However, for an experienced lawyer, filing an appeal is not anything new and a lawyer will know what steps need to be taken for a strong appeal. 


A lawyer can also help you identify and avoid common reasons disability benefits applications are denied. Doing this can help you avoid mistakes that could lead your application to be denied. One of the most common reasons a disability benefits application is denied is a lack of medical evidence.

This is why most lawyers will make the collection of medical evidence and documentation for your disability a priority. Your lawyer will also help you ensure your application is complete and done so correctly because improperly filled out applications this is another common reason for denial. 

When it comes to certain types of disability benefits programs, you may be denied benefits because your income is above a certain level. A lawyer might not be able to change this, but a lawyer can warn you before you go through the time-consuming application. 


You do not have to struggle with a disability benefits application or appeals process alone. Working with a Disability insurance lawyer in Delaware means you will have a professional who is ready to work with you to increase your chances of success. Call Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Our team of disability insurance lawyers is located in Wilmington, Delaware. 

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