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Which Delaware Disability Benefits Program Should I Apply For?

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Which Delaware Disability Benefits Program Should I Apply For?

Which Delaware Disability Benefits Program Should I Apply For?

With all the disability insurance programs out there, you might be left wondering which one you should apply for. Since the application process can take up a lot of your time, the last thing you want is to go through a tedious process for a program that fails to meet your needs or a program you are not eligible for. There are two main disability benefits programs you can apply for the are sponsored by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Consider talking to a Delaware disability attorney if you have any questions.


The two main Delaware disability benefits programs are the Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI). These programs differ on eligibility requirements, what benefits they offer, and what information you Which Delaware Disability Benefits Program Should I Apply For?will need to provide when you apply. Knowing these differences is vital for making sure you are applying for a program you are eligible for and a program that is best for your unique situation.

Both of these programs are designed for people who can no longer work the same hours or can no longer work at all because of a disability. The SSDI program is tailored to people who have contributed to Social Security with a long work history that has already paid into their Social Security benefits. People who have not worked jobs that have paid into Social Security or people without enough work credits may not be eligible for the SSDI program.

This is when you can turn to the SSI program for assistance. The SSI program is for people who might still be able to work some hours despite their disability but who are still in need of financial assistance due to limited income. Since SSI works from taxes, you will not need a certain number of work credits to be eligible.


When it comes to Delaware disability benefits requirements, these vary significantly between the SSI and SSDI programs. For the SSI program, you will not need work credits, but you will need to demonstrate that your income and financial resources are significantly limited. Specifically, your monthly income will need to be below a certain amount of money for you to qualify for SSI.

SSDI requires a certain number of Social Security work credits. Both the SSI and SSDI programs require you to submit medical evidence of your disability along with information that supports your claim that your disability hinders your ability to work. For SSI, you may qualify if you are disabled, age 65, or blind. SSDI will allow you to apply for a variety of medical conditions, as long as they significantly impair your work skills.


Figuring out the disability benefits program can be difficult, but the Delaware disability application process itself can be confusing. Try consulting with a Disability lawyer in Delaware if you have doubts about your disability claim. All you have to is call Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Our team of Delaware disability attorneys is located in Wilmington, Delaware and can help you submit evidence for your claim.

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