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Why is Driving at Night in Delaware So Risky?

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Why is Driving at Night in Delaware So Risky?

Why is Driving at Night in Delaware So Risky?

Many people wonder why so many sources claim that driving at night is riskier than driving during the day, even if you are not drowsy. There are several factors that go into making driving at night riskier than driving during the day like visual limitations and the natural decrease in alertness that sets in in the late afternoon. However, there are ways you can decrease your chances of a Delaware car accident at night. If you were in an accident, feel free to contact a Delaware accident lawyer who can help you obtain compensation.


Driving at night in Delaware is considered to be the riskiest for inexperienced and young drivers. This is because driving at night requires skills that often go beyond your average driving skills throughout the day. At night, not only are things harder to see, but you also have to worry about what other drivers or people are doing on the road.

As a result, around 32% of fatal car accidents at night occur in adolescents from nine at night to six in the morning. In terms of other drivers at night, there is an increased chance of running into drowsy and drunk drivers. Since most people drink at night, drunk driving is common late at night and significantly increases the chances of a serious car accident.


The risks of Delaware night driving are numerous for many reasons. Vision is impaired, other drivers are struggling to see too, and the chances of running into reckless drivers are much higher than during the day. To have an idea of how much vision is impaired at night, it helps to understand that the visual details we can normally pick up easily during the day is Why is Driving at Night in Delaware So Risky?greatly reduced at night. Our vision is affected in the following ways:

·      Decreased peripheral vision (vision to our sides).

·      Poor depth perception (judging how far objects are away from us).

·      Difficulty with recognizing objects.

These three factors can impact our ability as drivers to perceive how far other cars are away from us when we need to make a vital decision like making a left turn, merging, or stopping. All it takes is one mistake in our visual perception to cause an accident. One way you can reduce this risk is by going slow around other cars and being extra cautious when judging another driver’s distance.

Receiving enough sleep for late-night drives is also important for reducing your drowsiness. Delaware drowsy driving decreases reaction time and coordination skills, both of which are essential for safe driving.


You may not have to pay for the damages you suffered if the car accident was caused by the other driver. Consider working with a car accident attorney in Delaware if you suffered major injuries and vehicle damages from a negligent driver. You can contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation today. Our Delaware car accident attorneys are located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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