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Will a Stroke Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

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Will a Stroke Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

Will a Stroke Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

You might be wondering if you could receive disability benefits for a stroke. The answer depends on how severe the stroke symptoms and long-term effects are. This will help determine your eligibility for disability benefits. Mild temporary effects are less likely to qualify someone for benefits. Talk to a Wilmington disability lawyer if you have any questions about this.


Not everyone realizes how many disabilities can result from a stroke. These stroke impairments can be broken down into deficits in movement, sensation, Will a Stroke Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?understanding, and thinking. The deficits are person is left with vary depending on what kind of brain damage the stroke caused and where the damage occurred.

Movement deficits are the most widely known signs of a stroke, when half the body becomes paralyzed. This is usually the sign that makes people go to the emergency room. Paralysis of one side of the body can be temporary or may last several years. Various complications can arise with balance, walking, swallowing, and performing physical activities.

Sensation deficits in strokes usually involve the loss of the sense of touch. Some strokes can result in chronic pain in certain parts of the body. Others may lose the ability to recognize what position their body is in or what object they are holding.

Problems with understanding primarily affect language and communication skills. Not only can this impact the ability to speak but also the ability to write or understand language. A variety of communication barriers can arise as a result.

Thinking deficits from strokes often involve problems with memory, learning, and perception of the environment. Attention span, planning skills, and the ability to perform multi-step tasks can all become impaired.


The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides disability benefits for those who meet the conditions listed in the Blue Book of disabilities. Strokes fall under the neurological impairment section of the Blue Book. Criteria for a stroke disability include:

  • Loss of ability to speak or write
  • Loss of ability to control the movement of two limbs
  • Problems with thinking
  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Unable to control emotions

If you are experiencing one or more of these impairments after a stroke, then you could be eligible for disability benefits. The SSA provides benefits for those with impairments that are expected to last for at least one year or longer. However, you will be expected to submit medical and non-medical evidence of your stroke impairments.

Be prepared to answer questions about your work history, stroke deficits, and how these deficits impact your work performance. Try contacting a Wilmington disability lawyer for more information on what this application process involves. A lawyer can help you increase your chances of receiving disability benefits.


Filing for disability benefits can be a tedious and often confusing process. Feel free to ask a Delaware disability attorney if you were denied disability benefits. You can call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (302) 295-5050 for a free consultation about your disability claim. Our experienced legal team might be able to help you secure the disability benefits you need.

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