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Wrongful Death Lawyers of Delaware

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Lawyers Represent Families of Wrongful Death Victims in Delaware

Nothing portrays more sorrow than the untimely death of a friend caused by misconduct or negligence. When a catastrophic accident or a serious personal injury results in death, existing family members suffer unexpected financial burdens and emotional trauma.
Since there is no level of remuneration that can alleviate the pain that accompanies the demise of a loved one, A Delaware Wrongful Death Attorney at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP work to assist families with the necessary financial warranty to move on after their inexplicable loss. To the meet the needs of grieving families, our attorneys will assist the existing family members through all steps of the litigation process, ranging from initial investigation to settlement negotiation and trial preparation; all done with sensitivity.

Catastrophic Injuries Resulting in Death

Catastrophic injuries leading to one’s mortality often result from:

Wrongful death lawsuits include certain legal issues affiliated to the basic cause of death, the identity of responsible parties and life expectancy considerations. The experienced Delaware Wrongful Death Attorney at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP will harness their vast knowledge of wrongful mortality law to get the highest remuneration. Wrongful death awards mostly include compensation for care or protection, lost wages, loss of companionship, loss of insurance benefits, loss of inheritance, funeral expenses, medical expenses of the deceased, pain and suffering and punitive damages.

Our efficacious Delaware personal injury lawyers stand for all individuals affected by the wrongful death of a person resulting from catastrophic accidents or severe personal injuries, including:

  • Spouses (including domestic partners, life partners)
  • Children
  • Parents (including parents of deceased fetuses)
  • Financial dependents
  • All individuals who suffer financially as a result of another person’s wrongful death

Call the Lawyers at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP If You Have Questions about a Potential Wrongful Death Claim

You may have a wrongful death claim if your loved one has been a victim of a severe personal injury accident or suffered a catastrophic injury resulting in death in Delaware. The devoted Delaware Wrongful Death Attorney at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP are readily available to help your family through this excruciating time. For more elaborate information about Delaware wrongful death law, or to discuss your potential lawsuit, contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP at 302-504-4815, (toll-free 800-300-0909) or submit an online inquiry to arrange a free initial consultation.

How Wrongful Deaths Occur

By definition, a wrongful death occurs when someone is killed as a result of misconduct or negligence of another party. Those who were a beneficiary of, or dependent on, may be eligible for monetary damages.

While states in America have circulated wrongful death statutes in order to oblige hospitals, manufacturing companies, and doctors to act cautiously in their professional duties, wrongful deaths do happen in conditions such as:

  • Emergency Room Medical Malpractice : Wrongful death lawsuits can arise from hospital workers negligence in the emergency room, such as misdiagnosing a health condition, performing surgical errors or prematurely discharging a patient.
  • Anesthesia Malpractice : If an anesthesiologist digress in their official responsibilities and a fatal, anesthetic dosage is administered.
  • Vehicle Accidents : Automobile companies can be held accountable for defects in the products in their motor vehicle, also trucking firms may be held responsible for truck accidents if their employee go against trucking rules.

Compensation for Wrongful Death

In the event of another party’s negligence causing the death of a loved one, each state allows the successors of a family to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Some factors that courts take into consideration when determining wrongful death compensation one may receive include:

  • Amount of money earned by the bereaved
  • Loss of companionship
  • The deceased savings
  • The degree of financial dependence on the deceased by the survivors
  • Medical and funeral costs incurred by survivors

While no quantity of money can ever remunerate for the demise of a loved one, the comfort of responsible parties being brought to justice and being financially secure in your future can provide security and a sense of closure to survivors.

The statutes involved in wrongful death lawsuits vary in each state and are complicated. Consideration of a wrongful death lawsuit may not seem immediate during your grieving period. Despite that, wrongful death cases must be filed within a given period or you risk losing your right to financial benefits.

To receive the monetary damages you are qualified for, you need the help of an experienced wrongful death lawyer to assist you through the process and help you.

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